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52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 10:  (picture this )


You did good, you satisfied my thirst to be warm.  Thank you,  for your uber delicious chai latte.  You may not be my favorite brand…  you are a close second.  You did the job, you were meant to do, and for that; I give thanks.

My review of the start of 2015

So it has been a week and a half into this new year.  So far it has been alright, started of a bit shaky; with my computer going out, and getting a verbal warning at work for taking to long on my break, and the terrible cold,freezing,rainy weather.  The flu/cold, and ceder blowing around, I have to say it has not been so bad, could always be worse in my opinion. 

Today I am off, I did brave the drizzling weather; to go to the HEB up the street,that cat that comes around needed some kibble.  He sure knows how to work the system, and our heart around here.  I also needed to get a little bit of grub for the week.  Tonight it is baked seasoned chicken quarters and California blend veggies.  Got them on now.

The weather clears, by the time I finished shopping, so decided to walk back home; was nice, got my exercise in for the day.  Especially with eating out Friday and Saturday.  Friday I treated pat and I to burgers and fries at Frans Burgers.


Yummy.  Then yesterday she treated me to Chinese.



So today I am relaxing with my coffee.


Indeed the start has not been so bad at all.  Plus I’ve already cleaned around the apartment, washed clothing for the week , washed and conditioned my hair, and now listening to tunes on the radio.  Sweet indeed.  Hope your weekend has been an agreeable one. Here is to the new week.

Beyond 365

Day 273:

Today I am…  Keeping It Clean!  Yes, today is a cleaning day for me, I am taking this day to clean my apartment up, with the onslaught of germs and alergies and what nots, I really do need to keep the apartment clean and keep my hands clean as well.  So with that being said, here are some of the delicious smelling clean hand soaps I have received.



From the Bath and Body Works, the first one is Lemon, and my sister got that for me, it smells so yummy and bright, the other two I got from my mom, I really love the smell of oranges, and the fall cranberry harvest is delicious.  It makes me long for fall now.  We were over in the Bath and Body Works  and they had one that smelled like pecan waffles and maple syurp, it was delicious, but I just don’t want to be smelling like breakfast food, I would rather smell like a delicious fruit or spring flower.

So here I sit this morning, already comsumed my breakfast, now having my cup of pumpkin spice coffee, you know I got the new Bailey’s coffee creamer that is pumpkin spice, it is delicious, you must get if you enjoy pumpkin spice coffee.  Way to go Bailey’s.

Now on to reading my Wall Street Journal paper, it’s all good my friends, enjoy your day.

Today I am…  Keeping It Clean!


Beyond 365

Day 106:

Today I am…  Feeling Energized.  It could be  for the two cups of coffee I downed, or it could be from all the walking to and fro, whatever it is…  I am feeling it.  It was almost funny, when I went to work yesterday I had to really focus, I had almost forgotten where things were, plus they had new buttons to make it a little easier, I caught on fast to this, so I also upped my points, I was going to slow and got a warning, so that lit a fire under my fingers to speed it up a bit more.  Today I feel energized, and like I can do more.  Today looks really nice out, yes, spring is coming along alright.  Just have to take it day by day.

The one thing I am thinking about is getting myself enrolled into this health care stuff, the deadline is the 31st, and I have yet to get that done, I have to do it this week, or be penalized, and I don’t even want to know what that penalty will be if I don’t get it done.

Well reader’s here’s to a timely Tuesday, may it be all that it can be for you.

Today I am…  Feeling Energized.