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Call to duty…

Jury duty that is.  Ah, I do know that it is my duty to serve on it, but that does not mean I have to like it, because I do not.  Especially with me just starting this training for this new job, but there is nothing much that can be done about that, so in two weeks I have to report to court.

Next week I start training and I am nervous, this is pretty much different from my last job, where I will actually be talking to people.  Excited and nervous, oh boy that makes for tummy troubles.

The weather have been absolutely gorgeous here in Austin, of course the cold weather is going to peek back in this week, starting tonight, but I know that pretty sun, will come perking it’s way back in, just have to hold on, because as we all know, I love sunny warm days.

Well, I almost forgot that today happens to be the first day of February, good-bye to January, and hello to February.  Here’s hoping that February brings nothing but greatness.  Now get out there and enjoy if possible.

Life and all that jazz.

Today was a cold day, it was cold and windy, brrrr!  Not the kind of weather that I enjoy, but it was, what it was.  I got out today with my mom, she had to go get an eye exam, and a pair of glasses, she has finally entered the world of transition glasses.  I hope she enjoys it, I know I do.  Now just getting her to keep them on her face all day lol, when do we become parents to our parents.

Well, tomorrow it is paper work for me to fill out with this new job.  I am excited and scared, because it is pretty different from what I feel in my comfort zone, but to be anything more in life, I am going to have to constantly get out of my comfort zone, to venture out and to free myself, from the bonds of what I feel afraid of.

Well finished season 3 of wentworth, it was well worth it, I definitely like this show.  My allergies are running amuck, just put in some eyedrops, ugh, but am enjoying this spring type of weather we have been having, just with patches of cold, blustery, grey, ugh. Welp enough about life and all that jazz, until the next time, enjoy.


Oh the itchy, watery, scratchy eyes, yes!  Ceder fever is in full swing, here in Austin!  Not only is it freezing cold today, but my eyes are burning with allergies.  No, I am not happy, I am taking some claritin-d tabs, I do think I might need something stronger.  I can’t stay in all day, got to get out, hit the road, and get moving about, so I am going to have to fight this with all I have.  Ugh!

On a sad note today, David Bowie had died.  A very weird and musical genius, who I will miss dearly, loved his music, and his crazy styles, he was always reinventing himself and his music, just a sad day.  May he rest in peace, and condolences to his family.

So friends, family, and loyal readers, I say…  Will you have 1.3 billion reasons to buy a power ball ticket?  I know I do, yes, I will purchase me a ticket, hey it only takes 6 numbers to win it, and you can’t win it, if your not in it.  Indeed, indeed.  Well time to get this day started, until the next time.  Enjoy your day.

Just Today…

Just today, I really did nothing much, I put in a couple of applications online, then went out into the cold blowing day with my mom, something about groceries.  Came home, well actually her apartment, and cooked with her, yum meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  Looking around I shot this photo of her cat, one day she may be might cat princess, she decided to get under the Christmas tree, she loves snoozing there from time to time.


Yeah, she is definitely going to wonder, where the new sleepy place went, when we finally take the tree down, this coming week.  She sure looks cute though.

Ugh, the sitting and waiting for calls can drive one to the brink, but patience  is a virtue, it will happen, it will happen.  At least There is the return of the shows I like watching, so that is a plus.  Welp friends, until the next time.

Here comes the rain again…

Yes, yet another rainy day in the ATX.  I am dealing with all that is, but hoping for sunny weather real soon.  Spring is right around the corner, and I hope to see nothing more than sunshine, and beautiful weather, will get back to you on that.  As for today, it is gray, dreary, and wet, the wind is kicking up, and I am a bit blah!  Forecast calls for more of the wet stuff all week, and also freezing cold, ugh!  I just have to keep myself together in this time, I can, do it, I can do it, I…  Ugh,.  I have not really been able to do a whole lot, I walk when I can, but the weather is so icky, I just stay put when there is no way around it.  I need to get myself together and hit the fitness room at the apartments, there is no excuse, but I make plenty of them, just need to get at it, find the time that is right for me.

Have been playing around with my camera from time to time, need to do more, though.  Once I really get it moving, I will post some photos on here that I have taken.  Well I better get moving, down the road back to the apartments; before worse weather hit; here’s to warmer weather, and all that jazz.  Until the next time.

Not a fan…

Of this weather, not a fan of winter really, but especially this kind of dreary, gray, cold, rainy, wet kind of weather.  In fact, I wish that it was spring time already, oh of course there will be things about spring I will not like, but in all, I am a fan of the spring more than a fan of the winter time.  Ugh!  Today, I am here at work, just pounding this out before my day begins.  A couple of more weeks, and it will be spring.  So just need to keep it all together until then.  The weather is a downer, but have to stay focused.  No sir!  I am not a fan of this winter weather.  Hope that you are all staying warm.  Got to go, oh that thing called work is beckoning me in the background.  Happy Tuesday Y’all!

It’s a small world… Sometimes.

So it is funny, how since I’ve lived here, I have met two people already that I have worked with previously in San Angelo Texas.  One when I used to work at the Big Lots, and another, that I worked with just a Kirkland’s Home, but she only worked there for the christmas season one year.  But strange that we work at the same company here in Austin.  Not really strange, to see her I suppose, because she is from Leander/Cedar Park.  But I suppose strange, that we work for the same company, with all the companies in Austin.  But then again, it really is a small world if you think about it.

Well today I am here at work, typing this out, waiting for my time to go in.  I figured, that I would get on here.  Today is not as cold as it was yesterday, and I have yet to see this “freezing rain”, but then again, I don’t want to see any freezing rain at any time of the year.  I am hoping to get out really early today, for I have to take care of some business, and want to be able to get to it while I still can.  It is cold out, but like I said, not as cold as it was yesterday, but the day is still young, and there are all those chances still.  Whatever it may be today, I am ready to deal with it; I am bundled up, and ready to go.  Hope that your Friday, is starting out well.  Until we meet again, enjoy your day…  TGIF!

Beyond 365

Day 347:

Today I am…  In a Haze!  A medicated haze that is.  Between the daytime med and nighttime medications, I just seem to be drifting along.  Yes, this that time of the year, I am talking about the dreaded fall cold season.  Yours truly has gone and got some, but hopefully, these meds will do the trick, and clear me up.  I will be stocking up on more vitamin c.  So glad it is my day off, so pajama party for one it will be.  Hope you are keeping healthy.

Today I am…  In a Haze!

Beyond 365

Day 341:

Today I am…  IN.  Another mental health break for me.  First one for this month.  I definitely need it,with all this cold about.  So here I sit in my warm surroundings, with my coffee and chocolate chip pancakes.  It is below freezing this morn, it is suppose to heat up to fifty, but would not hold my breath.  Oh!  The joys of cold.

I will enjoy this day, for tomorrow I am back on the daily grind.  So here is to your Monday,  keep it warm.

Today I am…  IN.