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52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 52: ( picture this )


So  the 52 week project has come to an end.  This being the last photo.  What do you think, have these photos made you think or feel anything?  For me, well at the ending months, it became harder to find things I wanted to photograph or put in.  I made it through none -the-less.  This is something I am glad I did. What is next you may or may not ask, that I do not know, but whatever it may be…  stay tuned.

As for this photo, took it at the local wally world.  I have never had snails before, and they looked interesting.  For a photo, not to eat.  Ick! Would you ?

Goodbye 2014


Yes, 2014 is coming to an end.  It has been some year,some year indeed.  A year of self discovery, joy and pain, tears, and laughter.  Making new friends, and departing with ones who you thought were friends.  Family time and friend time.  New jobs , and new adventures.  Strength beyond the weakness.  Oh my, what a year this has been.  Fear not sweet friends, and loyal readers; for this adventure and journey of my life continues on.  2015 is going to rock!

Many blessings, and a Happy new year y’all!

Happy Christmas Eve Y’all!

Well it is upon us, yes, that is Christmas Eve, the weather outside is cold, and I hope it warms up a bit, not sure if it will or not.  So thought mom and dad would be heading down here today, but dad has to work, perhaps if he gets off early enough, they can head this way, if not, then they will be leaving out early tomorrow.  Can’t wait.

I have work today, but I get off at 3:30 today, hopefully earlier if possible.  I want to just wish all of my readers and friends, a very merry christmas, and to keep it fun, and always safe.


Joy To The World!

My bed has come!  Yes, my readers and friends, it only took one year and five months; but it is finally parked nicely in my bedroom.  Indeed, indeed I will be laying sweetly tonight, no more air mattresses.


So saw mom and dad off.  They will be back on Christmas Eve, and spend Christmas day with me.  This I must say, feels so very special.  I have grown over this year,see it , and feel it.  Being here feels so right.  Life, well it is coming about.  God is doing awesome things for me.

So today is officially the first day of winter!  It is mild, I am hoping for a not so cold one here.  Here’s to having a great holiday.

Beyond 365

Day 364:

Today I am…  Growing!  Reaching,stretching, and learning.  Yes, I am growing.  What a difference between the years.  I have seen many things with these eyes, and have heard many things with these ears.  I have explored places, eaten new things, and have made friends.  Time will tell if they are long lasting.  I have learned more about myself this way, than I ever could the way things were before. 

I believe I am a little more wiser,and a bit more stronger from it all.  I can put forth more effort, and will.  I look around, and I see my personal growth.  I see God in my life more, I see His Favor and Grace.  The love of family, and if friends online and off.  I see so much growth.  It is a beautiful season for growth.

Today I am seeing my mother and sister.  Ladies day.  We shall shop, drink wine, and decorate my tree.  Oh, and eat as well.  Today will be an awesome day my readers and friends.  So enjoy yourselves.

Today I am…  Growing!

Winter Weatherland

It is officially the first day of Winter…  Even though, winter has been here for weeks, today in Austin it is rainy and pretty much icky.  Not really cold, but not really warm either, a combination of the in-between.  I am not really looking forward to getting out in this, but work goes on, and today is a much busy day at work, in fact our Saturdays are the most busy, with people ordering balloons and picking up balloons that they have ordered, my goodness.  I must say that by being at Party City, I have learned how to do balloons, even the coolness that is putting a balloon inside of another balloon and having it be a cool color combo when they are blown up, or putting a colored balloon inside of a clear balloon and blowing them both up for a double balloon.  Always learning new things, that’s the way to grow in life.

Welcome Winter…. NOT! lol.  I will get through it all, I always do.  Keeping my head held up high and bundled up to the max during this time of year.  Enjoy it friends, enjoy it.

Thank you, but No!

Once again here is a photo of winter Deborah.


Not a great smile, but I try when it is this cold.  I was just on my way down to the mail boxes.  On my way back, I came to a truth, and that truth is, I DO NOT LIKE THE COLD!  I’ve tried to be peaceful with it, but it is a harsh customer.  I can tell ya now, forget about me heading downtown to that tree lighting ceremony.  My brain and body just about froze getting the mail, think what would be left of me standing on the steps waiting in Hella Cold temps waiting to see a tree lighting.  No way my winter friends, I am going to pass.  Heck, that tree will be lit all December long.  I will just go when it is not deathly cold to me. 

It would seem no amount of coffee, or cocoa will do for this woman.  Who am I kidding or trying to kid!  I am not a cold weather woman, so this woman is going to pass on the bone chilling,possibly frozen night.  It is sleeting out now.  I have to be out in it tomorrow morning heading to work, that is one thing.  Hopefully if my friend makes it down; we will do ladies night in at the apartment.

It has to be a bit more warm for me to be able to cope the way I need to in this winter time.  Oh heck, winter is not even officially here.  “Sad face”.  OK reader’s back to your regular reading.

Frosty Friday

Let me start out by saying, I am glad to be off this very cold, wet, sleety, frost filled Friday.   This is ice on my railing outside my door.



Yes this is unsmiling winter Deborah just stepping out to take a photo.  Tomorrow I will truly be in it for work; but let’s’ just focus on today.


Surprisingly, there should be a log in there warming up the place, but seeing as I do not want to burn the place down, I will be sticking to running the heat, which is pretty warm, and what I am used to.  When my mom comes down; she will get plenty of use for this fireplace.  But for today I will be enjoying the morning.


As I settle in my warm little apartment to do nothing today but watch movies.  This movie in particular.  Map of the human heart.  I remember watching this movie for the first time.  It is about the two on the cover and how there love spanned over decades.  Bravo;the father of independent movies, gave me the gift of love for independent films.  One thing I dislike about television, is how they change their format.  Bravo was known for independent films, now it is pretty much Housewife  central.  There is always Sundance or IFC. 

Anyway about to enjoy the coziness, if you are in blustery weather keep warm.

Well hello December!

Today this first day of December and it is looking mighty fine!  The weather is perfect and I am all smiles.  Heading out on my way to work, yes I do see greatness in store for today.

I would have to say I am on par, for I have finally caught up on all three seasons of Justified.  I bought them, now just have to get the fourth season; which-so-happens will be released December 17th.  Yes, fans of this great show will be delighted to get this in their Christmas stockings.  The fifth season starts in January on FX.  Now all I need to do is get a television and cable before that time, and this woman will be set!  This truly means I need to make it happen.  Stay tuned.

Tomorrow I will be busy putting in applications, I got a pretty good lead on a call center so let’s just see what happens. 

Oh what a beautiful God Blessed day it is.  So until the next time friends.  Keep it fun.