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That time of the year again…

That would be getting that spring cleaning done, and also getting my balcony ready for it.  This year I really want to decorate it.  Get it looking all beautified and decked out.  There are a couple of things I saw, that I think would look good on my patio.  Here are a couple of things I took a photo of, that I have been thinking of.


Solar glass art ball.  Think this would look awesome.


Galileo outdoor thermometer.  Always liked the indoor ones, now getting one for the outside.  Along with patio table, chairs and perhaps plants and bench stools.  Ah time to start planning stage 1 outdoor.  To be continued.

Beyond 365

Day 323:

Today I am…  Still in phase one.  Yes today I put some green and silver garland around the window, and some lights as well.  Put some white around the balcony, but not for sure if I am going to keep it that way.  Might do something completely different for that, shall see in time.  Yes, now that is done for the day.

Got new downstairs neighbors.  They seem nice, time will tell.  Dam mosquitoes are tearing me up!  Oh the itch! 

Tomorrow is Halloween, nope, not dressing up for it, but looking forward to seeing what shows up at work.  No parties for me, just going to stay in and watch movies.  Leave all that other stuff to the ones who enjoy it.  If y’all do it, be safe out there.

More Phase One photos…



Today I am…  Still in phase one.

Phase One

So it begins…  Today, I have started my Christmas decorating.  Yes!  I said Christmas.  This is the first year I have been out of retail, and believe me I feel great.  And when I feel great, things happen.  I am getting that Christmas feeling, so I am going to indulge, and decorate.  I call thus Phase one!



These two are lights I have put around my balcony.  Tomorrow I garland.  Oh what fun this is going to be.  Yes!  Tis the season to be me!!!!!

Beyond 365

Day 36:

Today I am…  Decorating.  Well just a little bit.  Since I stayed in again today, to further the healing of my achy feet, I just decided to do some cleaning.  Heck right now I still have a load of clothing in the dryer.  I fixed myself some dinner, and in-between the cleaning, was watching Netflix.  So tonight I put up some masks that my mom had bought for me, she got them at the Salvation Army.  Nice find.  Eventually I want to make at least one wall into a wall of masks.  With one in the center, and many around.  I think it will look pretty darn cool.



Photo of my masks.  As I was on the phone today with my mom, I was just staring at the space above the computer, and thought to myself…  I could use this space to put the masks for now, until I gather more for my wall.  I think they look pretty cool there.  I really like the one on the right with the rainbow colors almost.  Anyway, just doing a little fixing up.  I think my time off was well served.  Tomorrow it is back to work for me.  Life, isn’t it awesome!

Today I am…  Decorating.

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Yes indeed that time is upon us.  Well if not you, then definitely me.  Will be getting a tree soon, then let the decorating begin.  I need some lights for the outside. 

I survived the craziness, and in 31 days the new year will be here; but that is for another blog.  Right now it’s decorating time.  I was hoping to have a tree up and decorated in high fashion.  Once it is decorated, you will see the sweat of my labor in the glorious end product.

On a much sadder note, my mom just informed me that there are reports that the actor Paul Walker was killed today in a car crash.  Wow!  This is so sad.

Well that just dimmed my decorating buzz for tonight.  RIP Mr. Walker.

“Come on down”… NOT!

Does not look like I will be coming on down, I won’t be the next contestant on “The Price is Right Live”.  Today at the long center, the price is right live is going on, I was really hoping to score some free tickets, but no go, and well 29 dollars and up to get into it, is definitely not on my budget at this time, perhaps next time when I have more to spend.  I have always dreamed about being on that show.  I even have the day off from work today.  Oh well, perhaps next year if the chance arises.  For today it is filling out job apps at the library, and trying to stay dry.  It’s all good though, it’s all good.

My mom will be down next week, to spend her birthday with me, and I am trying to put together something really special for her and I.  I do believe that Chuy’s and The Cheesecake Factory will definitely be on that list, as for other entertainment, perhaps going to see the new Thor movie while she is down.  Either way I am going to fix up something very special for her while she is down visiting; since she has continued to do so much for me.  I want her 63rd birthday to be a very special one.

It is getting pretty cool now, breaking out the jacket seems standard, and before you know it, will probably have to break out the big coat.  Also it’s beginning to look a lot like…  Yes!  For me anyway, time to get that Christmas Tree, and get to decorating it, heck, I am going to do it up.  I know your thinking, um, Thanks giving is not even here yet, well for me I am going to get a jump on the Christmas season.  That’s just the way I am, and I love it.  Stay tuned.

Well friends, looks like I really do need to head back home, before it starts to rain out.  Keep your day fun, and safe.  Until the next time, get out and enjoy if you can.