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Exciting and new.

Today me and my mom tried out a new place in Austin to eat.  Baby A’s TeX Mex restaurant.  Close to where I live.  I have passed by this place everyday, today, when my mom said she had a craving for Mexican food.  I thought, hey maybe we can try Baby A’s…  I had heard this one was not really good.  But the one south was, well you really can’ t go by what others say at times.  Sometimes you have to judge for yourself.  Very glad I did. 




So I had the 3 stacked chicken qesadillas.  So yummy indeed!


Mom had the enchiladas and we enjoyed these delicious tacos.



So once again, score another for good eating.  Thumbs up for Baby A’s.

Beyond 365

Day 343:

Today I am…  Feeling more like me.  Yes, my day off consists of cleaning, and laundry.  Yes, and tonight I am going to dinner with my friend from work Pat.  We will be dining at Chedders, wonder if the one here tastes like the one in San Angelo, oh tonight will tell. 

I brought out some Phase Two things today.  In a week or so, should be in operations.  The weather is nice out today, in fact a couple of days this nice weather before it goes away.  But I will take it while it lasts.

Today I am…  Feeling more like me.

Beyond 365

Day 128:

Today I am…  Full!  That’s right my friends, I am full, I treated me and mom to dinner tonight, it was take away, we went to Pei Wei’s.  Now I have never eaten there, and wanted to take advantage of it  with her, and I have to say, it was delicious.  I ended up with shrimp lo-mein, along with my mom, she loves shrimp, I just had her remove all the shrimp from mine and it was delicious.  Their egg rolls are so yummy, we had the pork egg rolls.  I definitely recommend it.  Tomorrow will be something different.  I am so enjoying the time spent with my mom.  It is a give and take kind of thing with us, or I should say give, give kind of thing.  She just bought me a vacuum for my apartment, and I bought her some ammo, it is all good.

So now I am quickly typing this out, for we are in the middle of Percy Jackson, so hope you are all enjoying yourselves.  Until the next time.

Today I am…  Full!

Beyond 365

Day 108:

Today I am…  Not going to get caught up.  In the rain that is, yes, my friends and loyal reader’s it is raining here in good old Austin Texas.  It started yesterday evening, just as I got out early from work, and I was caught up in it without my umbrella, only for the fact I did not check the weather, it was a bit too good to be true, it was cloudy, and very windy out yesterday, didn’t think it was going to rain, but it did, and I without my trusty rainbow umbrella.  Thank goodness my jacket has a hood, and hood it was to be the rest of the way home from bus to bus.  It was windy, got cold and rained lol, I say that was the trifecta there.

Today my reader’s I will not be leaving this apartment empty.  My oh my!  It’s already 9:30 in the am.  I have to be out of the apartment by noon heading to work, I better be getting dinner on.  Going to make it now before I leave so that I have it ready when I come in from work tonight.  I don’t like fiddling around cooking, when I get home.  Tonight’s dinner menu is Bird’s eye voila family size Cheesy Ranch Chicken.  Enough to eat for two days, then on to something new.  Beats making something new every day I say.

Well here’s to hoping you stay dry where ever you may live, enjoy your Thursday, and always stay safe whatever you may or may not do.

Today I am…  Not going to get caught up.

Throwing it together

This food dish is just thrown together, and I must say it taste really good, it may not look as appetizing, but the taste is well on.  My rendition of Goulash.  This pot will take me through a couple of days before I really need to cook anything else, and the way the weather has been, I would say it is a perfect time for some Goulash.  My mom used to cook Goulash for us, and I watched her from time to time, and now here I am throwing my own goulash together.



Happy Eating Y’all!

Happiness is…

A bowlful of honey nut Cheerios, and a great movie.  Here I sit in a pair of my warmest fuzziest socks, dancing sheep pajamas and long sleeved jersey.  A big bowl of cheerios and lots of movies to choose from.  Tonight it is night at the museum 2.  There will be more movies before the night is through.  I am spending my days off inside.  It is way too cold for me; so the warmth of my cozy apartment is perfect.

I must admit I have been in a funk, but I see good things.  I will be able to write more.  Will be able to get my photos out as well.  Speaking of photos…  I am going to be starting on something new soon.  Been thinking of some things, once I get it together I will post about it. 
So as I finish up my bowl of honey sweetness and watch my movies, let the creativity begin.

In good company

Just got back from dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  It was movie and dinner night with an acquaintance.  It was so nice to finally get out of the apartment and be out.  I was in good company, we went to see best men:  Holidays, which was very good.  Then on to eat.  We had good, meaningful conversation.  I so enjoyed and it was well needed.  Today has been a great day.

I learned a little more about myself during the night, during our talks.  Thinking about testing the waters again.  More on this thought for another blog.  But tonight I enjoy what I have.

Dinner for one

Tonight I made spaghetti.  Dinner for one.  It was delicious.  I think now I will be trying other things as far as cooking goes.  Photo below.


Had a great birthday.  Mom came down, we went to a marching band festival.  Will post photos when I get a solid chance.  We went downtown Sunday, where I treated my mom to Gourdough’s…  she loved it.  She is now a fan.  We ended up spending a quiet day at the apartment on my birthday.  It was nice not being alone.  She had to leave the next day, as I had to go back to work.  In all, it was nice. 

So the search is on for a second job.  Put in some Apps today.  Hope I get a bite next week.  All is good in Austin.  I think I am starting to mellow out and get my bearings.  Life is good.  To be continued.