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Beyond 365

Day 289:

Today I am…  Grooving.  Yes, I am enjoying this bright fall weather we are having here in Austin, I must say though, I need to keep on enjoying it, because I just do not know when it will leave and turn, so enjoy it I am.  Today is another off work day for me, so here I am back at my old stomping ground the wells branch library, typing this out.  I really didn’t feel like using my phone for this today.

Update on my dad, they will put a lens in the eye, so that he can get the eye test done, so that he can get back to work, it has been a hard process, still more to come, but keeping the faith is getting us all through this time.  In all, things will work out.  So I put in some aps, let’s see where this takes me.  Sunday is the Pecan Street Festival, I have the day off, so think I am going to mosey on down, take some photos once again, and just enjoy what is.  Can not be worried about the other things…  God has this.

Last night I made tacos for dinner, they were delicious, still have some left over, so that will be my dinner for tonight.  I am back to work in the morning, oh lovely 9 to 5, not complaining any.  Life is well, life and interesting, oh being an adult comes with its perks and not so perks, but it is what it is, and that’s about all I can say about it.  Last night I watched both Oceans 11 and 12, had never seen them before, but had the dvd’s, hmm…  They were really good, there are so many things that I got on dvd that I haven’t watched yet, well looks like this is pretty much my time to sit down and watch them.

Oh!  The weather is so perfect out today, think that I might swing down to the park and sit for a bit, so here’s to great fall weather, life being life, and having blessings.

Today I am…  Grooving.

Beyond 365

Day 219:

Today I am…  Picking it up!  Today I got trained on my seventh client at work, a fairly easy client it is, more data entry type of client, so dealing with inputting lots of numbers.  Yes, that is a smile on my face, just in case you didn’t see it.  I really am officially a tier 2 now, so that means a bit more change on the pay scale, not a lot more, but a bit is better than none.  This week has turned out to be pretty good, good indeed.

Got a little bit of rain or sprinkles today, looks like more is coming, but shall see, it has cleared up the humidity a little bit, and that is good for breathing purposes, in fact I have been feeling awesome the last couple of days, I think all that I have had is pretty much in the rear view.

So I actually finished all of Luther last night.  Season two and three were pretty short, but pretty powerful, so hopefully there will be more on Netflix.  For tonight I break out the dvd’s I think I will watch I Robot, always ass spankable, as shia le boeuf would say.  Anyway, I love this movie, so on that note, here’s to moving on up and getting new clients, and a few more cents in pay, and to awesome movies starring Will Smith.

Today I am…  Picking it up!