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Well what we all expected, has come about.  Today we were officially told the store is closing.  Something we knew would happen sooner or later.  Not sure as to the last day, but the liquidation is about to start.  So even though I have been putting in aps, need to up my game.  I hope we get our pay come the first.  To be continued!!!

IT’s not rocket science, it’s only the front counter…

Well, onward sweet flowering life.  About 3 weeks ago, I ended my stint with that place I was, one of which I shant mention, and now I am working for a temp agency, and my first gig started today, I had a day of training on Saturday, and today was my full day of work, sure, it is only for a week, then I move on to other pastures.  It is pretty interesting indeed, this stint is for a florist in the city, I am at the front counter, is it pretty busy, for this will be mother’s day, and it will be crazy.  I never knew so much went in to flowers, oh the business behind the petals and stems.  I was a bit nervous, but the crew I work with is so very gracious, and I feel very comfortable in this spot.  I am really digging this.  I will get new assignments for now, this is working for me, of course, always looking for longer term things, as the process goes on.  Here’s to the sweet smell from the flowers of life.

Nailed it!

That would be the interview I had scheduled for today, yes, I nailed that bitch down.  They made me an offer right on the spot.  Now by no means does it mean I am all the way in, I am in by way of getting the offer, and starting the intense 7 week training leading up to the actual job, if you know what I mean.  I start the training on the 8th of next month.  It is Monday thru Friday, from 8 to 5, for seven weeks, 4 weeks training, 2 weeks of phone and being on the floor, taking calls, and putting in what you have learned, and 1 week of everything else, then if that is aced, then I will be on the floor and one of the agents there.  Oh Lord, thank you.  I am going to have to really buckle down, take notes like no ones business and get my mind prepared to do this.  New year, new endeavors.  That interview, might have been the hardest I had to do, but I prepared a little more than usual.  I am just thanking the Lord for more opportunities that keep on coming my way.  Stay tuned…

In light of great news for me, sad news for the world once again, Glen Frey died the other night.   So very tragic,  I wanted to see The Eagles when they performed here in Austin last year, but was not able to do that.  Here today, gone tomorrow at times, may he rest in peace.  This starting year, has really been a sad beginning in the world of music, and television.

Speaking of television, I just started watching this show on NetFlix last night, the first season of The Gates.  It is about a gate guarded community, and the new police chief that is in charge of policing it.  Behind the gates, hold lots, and lots of secrets. Vampires, witches, wearwolves, oh my!  So many secrets.  I am liking it, so tonight I just may finish up this first season.  Looking forward also to season 6 of Game of Thrones, as well, but that is not until April.  Hi ho friends, off to watch The gates, here’s to a great day, and awesome night, along with awesome winter weather here in Austin, sun shine, and smiles.

Beyond 365

Day 231:

Today I am…  Greatful!  The fact that I have steady employment, one that affords me time off when I need it.  Plus I can pick up shifts, to which I have picked up for tomorrow and Saturday, they are just four-hour shifts, because I didn’t want or need anything longer this week on my days off.  Work has been pretty good for me, with new clients, extra shifts, and small bonuses, I would say my life is pretty good at the moment.  I have a roof over my head, and food in my tummy, and clothes on my back, yes, indeed, it’s all good.  Oh yeah, and Netflix to watch.

I am back in my bible, I have been reading the book of Matthew.  So much, so much that you see, and everything is new, meanings, and understandings, the living Word.  Well off to watch some Netflix, and relax before it is time to hit the sheets.  Enjoy your evening my reader’s and friends.

Today I am…  Greatful!

Beyond 365

Day 81:

Today I am…  Circling the wagons.  Yes, as today is the last day of the month, I have finally paid the last bill of the month as well.  So it begins again tomorrow, yes, a continuing circle.  It’s all good though, all good, that just means I am in it.  I have employment that affords me to be able to pay up each month, have a roof over my head, food in my tummy and then some to save.  God is so good, I always remember that.

I am so thankful, for Him.  I feel awesome.  Sure I have my times when I don’t feel this awesome, we all do, I may hem and haw at the time I have to go to work, but never to the point that I wish I didn’t, because there is always someone who has it worse off, who wish they had a job.  I am thankful for what I do have.  I may cry at times for feeling a bit lonely, but I know it passes.  God has such good things in store for me, and that includes a mate, I just have to make sure I am at a place within myself to receive it.  A work in progress.

Speaking of, I have had two wonderful days off, and now it is time to head back to work tonight.  Funny, just looked at my work email, and they are having pajama weekend starting today until Sunday, means you can wear your pj’s to work, lol.  I don’t think I will be participating in it this time, seeing as my pajama’s are pretty worn, perhaps when I get some cooler ones, as like all things, it’s a work in progress.  Well reader’s time is mozying along, so I better get with it.  Enjoy your weekend.

Today I am…  Circling the wagons.

Made the cut

That is I still have employment.  The hire on’s have decided I worked hard to be kept after the season.  This is good news.  It’s still a part time regular gig, so that still means I need to keep up the search for another pt to go with.  Or a full time.  I’d much rather have full time of course…  To be continued.

Today is a day off.  Did some deep cleaning of the apartment.  Doing laundry for the week and preparing for my mom’s visit tomorrow.  So happy to have her here this week.  She won’t be coming for Thanks Giving; but if the weather is good, then for sure she and hopefully my dad will be here for Christmas. 

Today the weather is very windy, and there is a freeze on the way, so glad I have heat and a huge coat.  It’s all good.  Well we shall see how good it stays, I am not one for the cold.  Time for hot cocoa and marshmallows .

So I will be on radio silence until the weekend is over.  To all my loyal reader’s enjoy your week and weekend, keep safe and have fun in whatever you do.


I still have a hard time and find it very strange that each and every day that I awake, I am unknown here in Austin.  That every day is a new day, and everyday I get to reinvent myself or not, that no one personally knows me here in this city, the few being Josh, and a couple of his friends, but on the larger scale of things, I can be anyone and everyone here.  That if I make a mistake that it isn’t going to get around to my friends or family or someone who knows me.  I try not to make any mistakes, but you know they happen.  I have to keep reminding myself that when I go out looking for jobs, that I am pretty much unknown, and that I am not competing with someone who I already know, or who knows me.  Yes, always competing with the next person, but we do not know one another.  On the flip side of that, it is lonely not knowing anyone, but I know that the more I get out and get situated that I will start to know people, and build a circle.  But the right circle, I only want to surround myself with good people who have my best interest at hand, in helping me move forward and up.  So I keep a good eye out for those kinds of people.  Always asking God for discernment in the people who I meet.

Well tonight is the Open house night, I am getting the wiggles in my tummy, and you can bet that satan is whispering in my ear and trying to get me in a tumble.  I will not be defeated by him, no, I have God, and if God be for me, who can be against me, and whom shall I fear.  Nope, this is definitely my time, and my opportunity and chance, and this time I am going to take it head forward no turning back, because when I look back at the things that I have done and accomplished in my life, I don’t want it to be that I didn’t take that chance when it came.  So here’s to moving forward friends… Full steam ahead!

Here comes the rain again…

And it came, and came, and came.  In fact it came down so hard, the minuet that I got off the bus, that my poor umbrella couldn’t withstand it all, I got a good soaking, of course it was a smaller umbrella that I had just bought.  But it is good that the rain came.  Indeed it was needed.  I took the bigger sturdier umbrella to the library, and will hope that the rain holds off until I can get back home inside all nice and dry.

Tomorrow is the Open House, I am a little nervous about attending, but as my mom has always said…  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I am definitely going to venture out and attend, because I really do want this gain.  Full time work is the goal for me, and easy access because it is just down the street.  I am going in head held up high, and a smile on my face, answers to the questions at hand, a firm handshake, and total interest in working for this company.  Stay tuned…

Just got to keep the faith, yeah, I know that was a Bon Jovi song, which happened to be pretty awesome.  So here’s to me keeping the faith.  Until the next time, keep your heads up, a smile on your faces, and good spirits and blessings around.

First day…

Well, the first day back to the land of the working class was filled with lots and lots of things at a fast pace.  Some things I got, and some things… well let’s just say I have notes all over the place.  I am tired and the day is done.  I am waiting on the bus, sadly I missed the first one; but another is going to arrive in 15 min.  I have lots to try to retain.  Next day will be the 30th.  So perhaps in that time.  Some will have sunk in good enough.  Here is a photo of me when I left for work this morning.


Hmm… all smiles.  Well on the down time I am still putting in applications.  I found out that there will be an open house/career fair on the 28th.  You bet I’m going to be there.  It is full time work, so keep the prayer wheel rolling friends.

Now home to see my mom, sister, and nephew that came down to visit me today.  Will get to spend the rest of today and part of the morning before they head back to Angelo.  Enjoy your evening readers.

Gainfully Employed

Yes! It has happened, I am employed once again. God is so good, and always on time.
I am now a sales associate at The Pottery Barn.

Life is good. My first official day will be next Saturday. Of course that is the day family will be coming yo visit, oh well. They understand how it goes. Mom has a key to my apartment, so she will be fine. I get off at five that day. There are going to be times I have to catch a taxi home. And times the bus will do. So for now I am going to have to forgo the little luxuries until the money gets right. So glad the rents are subsidizing this. Anyway, orientation was good. Lots to go over in the handbook. So now on the way to Payless, have to buy another pair of shoes for work. Then back to the apartment.tonight is chicken night. Toodles readers.