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Fifty-Two Weeks of My Healing…

Week 51:

No matter what, there was love.  No matter the situation, there was love. It was truly till death do they part.  It has been a year now yesterday.  It still hurts like the beginning.  I cried so much, but life, life moves forward; whether you cry or not.

This has been quite the year…  the struggle is real, but my God is more real, and I know that He watches over me, and my family.

One more week left in this journey, it has been a long task, but one I can see my healing beginning.  It will take a bit, I just needed a start.  I love you mom.


Well what we all expected, has come about.  Today we were officially told the store is closing.  Something we knew would happen sooner or later.  Not sure as to the last day, but the liquidation is about to start.  So even though I have been putting in aps, need to up my game.  I hope we get our pay come the first.  To be continued!!!

Goodbye 2014


Yes, 2014 is coming to an end.  It has been some year,some year indeed.  A year of self discovery, joy and pain, tears, and laughter.  Making new friends, and departing with ones who you thought were friends.  Family time and friend time.  New jobs , and new adventures.  Strength beyond the weakness.  Oh my, what a year this has been.  Fear not sweet friends, and loyal readers; for this adventure and journey of my life continues on.  2015 is going to rock!

Many blessings, and a Happy new year y’all!

Beyond 365

Day 324:

Today I am…  Ending the month of October.  Yes, in a few hours this month will end.  Oh, what a month it has been.  I survived, wit God’s Grace and Mercy of course.  So this end of month, finds me sitting back watching the transformers before I head off to bed.  Work in the morning.  Hope you all have enjoyed your last day in October 2014. 

Today I am…  Ending the month of October.

Beyond 365

Day 22:

Today I am…  Saying Good-bye.  Closing the door on 2013.  Nothing fancy, nothing spectacular, no glitz or glam, just a quiet, peaceful closing of the door.  It has been a year with heartache, pain, tears, anger, resentment, regrets.  It has also been a year full of new things, new people, places, and thoughts.  Today I shredded and disposed of the old, the past, things that are done and over with.  Not to say they don’t pop up in my thoughts, dreams, waking life, but it is life that has to go on, to move forward.  I can’t go back, there is nothing for me there, the only way I can move is forward, so with that being said.  I await the new year.

Today I am…  Saying good-bye.


P.S.  Happy New Year’s to all, may it be filled with many blessings, family and friends.