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Praise Him!

Church was stellar today, life class equally refreshing.  Just listing to praise and worship songs on pandora, makes me cry, these songs are the songs we both loved,and sang in church, and with one anither, they fill my heart.  I know she woul be happy right now knowing I am in church, that we all are in church.  Getting closer to God, His Word.  Today I am starting Proverbs in the Bible, I will read a passage each day.  God has done so much for my soul and spirit, in these times.  It is I who must draw closer to him.

I totally admire my friend Olivia, who went to Honduras, mission work.  God is totally blessing this woman, she is truly the church in this world.  I have been thinking of volunteering in the church bookstore.  To be continued…

I know there are some major areas in my life that need cleaning up, I pray to God everyday to guide my steps, to give me discernment, and give me wisdom to see the truth of things, to send the ones that are supposed to be in my life, and the ones that are not to remove the ones that do not belong.  

Did God remove mom from my life, because of a journey I need to be on, without her, I do wonder, but there are roads we have to walk.  We will never be alone, because He is with us.  Gods reasons are not our reasons.  A time,and season for all. It has been 4 Sundays since she passed.  I cried today.  It will get better, this I know in my soul.

I love you mom.

My Corner…

Last night was a truly rough night.  me and dad went to see mom after I got out of work.  Seeing her hooked up is heartbreaking as is, I talked to her, she nooded in some, I held her hand as did dad.  I showed her pictures of her cat, she nodded, as we went on, nurses came in to give her breathing treatments and to check her lungs  and heart.  her lungs are still corse, with yuckyness.  she is still on antibiotics to clear the infections.  it was when we were getting ready to leave, she was gripping my hand tightly, and there were tears in the corners of her eyes.  She was mouthing someting, but I could not understand, but knew she did not want us to leave, it broke my heart.  I had to leave, dad had to leave.  even telling her we would be back today did not help, she kept reaching out to take my hand to come back.  This has been so hard, my heart hurts.  I know she will get better, it is going to take tinr for that, I believe The Lord has her in His hedge of protection, and she is already getting stronger, and He is renewing her body.  

Today, I am bringing my bible to read some scriptures  to her, when we go back tonight.  This has been like a terrible dream, but it is not a dream, it is real.  my mom is in a fight for her life, one that she will need to reach deep down and find the strength to live and fight it.  I have the faith she will come through this, she just needs to bring hers.

Well that is all for now, until my next corner, stay blessed.

My Corner…

Yesterday was touch and go with mom.  Hospital called, then the Dr called with updates, they had moved her to the ICU and put her on a bi pap machine to stabilize her breathing.  She was in critical status, they wanted the family to know, they also wanted to know if it should come down to it, would she want to be put on a ventilator, we said yes. It is hard to make those kinds of decisions, there are also more decisions to be made as well, but we have to sit down as a little family and start the conversations.

in all, she is stable now, we are keeping in touch with the nurses and doctors, she was alert last night, but they sedated her, so that she could get some rest, they wanted her breathing to come down; to where she was not breathing like she was in a race, I think that happened last night, this morning her vitals are holding good, and she is still resting.  They had to change her antibiotics because she has a fungal infection in her lungs because of the pneumonia.  Keep those prayers up for my mom.  I am trying to keep positive, and my Faith strong.  It is up to her fighting this, and God holding her in His Loving arms and docs doing what they do.

Nothing more to say in my corner, so until the next time.

Beyond 365

Day 288:

Today I am…  Keeping It Real!  My Faith that is.  There are some tough, struggling, times going on with me and my mom and dad.  With the progress of His eye surgery, the delays and the monetary issues, life seems hard, harsh, and just exhausting at times.  But I am keeping my faith in the one who can do it.  He knows, sees, and works things out for the better.  I will not give that up…  yes! It looks troubling, but stay true!  He is right there. 

So right now, just waiting on the bus.  Life can be trying, I am a warrior and I will be great.  I am putting in applications for an evening job.  Make a bit more extra, with the holidays coming up.  Stay tuned.  Still enjoying the day job.  Got to do what you got to do in life…  no excuses.  What comes with being an adult. 

Today I am…  Keeping It Real.

Beyond 365

Day 247:

Today I am…  Asking for prayers.  There were some slight complications to my dad’s surgery yesterday, a piece of the cataract broke off and went behind the eye, they are looking at some possible more surgery for him, he has to go back to the docs this morning, there was a lot of pressure in the eye, and they are trying to get that swelling down, so I have been praying, and just ask my readers for extra prayers as well.

Today I am…  Asking for prayers.

Beyond 365

Day 217:

Today I am…  Wonderfully Made!  That is right, God did a great thing when he made me.  I am like no other, I am one of a kind.  Today I am comforted knowing that, knowing that I am me.  I am me.  As I sit here drinking my chai tea, and eating my toast, I can’t help but smile from ear to ear.  I have Joy, I have Love, I am blessed beyond measures, my life is good.  You too my reader’s are Wonderfully Made.  Thank you for your continued support in reading my blog, and my adventures and not so adventures, and everything in-between.

Today I am…  Wonderfully Made!

Giving the pieces to Him

The problem I have is relinquishing the broken pieces and giving them all to Him, for He is the only one that can fix these broken pieces that I call my life, my heart, me.  He is the only one, there is no one else that can do what He can do.  I fight, struggle, and rage to hold on to these pieces.  Psalm 147:3  ” He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”  For I am truly the broken-hearted, and what I need is His healing.  For too long I have been trying to self-heal, and that does not work, for He is the healer of my life.

I am exhausted of mind, of body, and of spirit, for today I give the pieces over to Him.  I can not do this alone, of my own will, it has to be of His will, of His way.  Today I give over the pieces to Him.