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Beyond 365

Day 295:

Today I am…  All about getting it done!  My day off and I have been pretty productive, still need to get to the bank, but after that my getting it done day will be done, and I will just relax.  Went grocery shopping this morn, so glad the HEB is open so early, it looks like we could be getting a spot of rain.

This is going to be a very busy, and crowded weekend for Austin.  ACL fest out at Zilker park, then the same next weekend!  OYVEY!  I thought I would like to attend, but that thought is far gone….  way too many people, do not think my olden nerves are up for that.  So this Saturday, if the funds are in order, I will be heading to south Austin to catch the capitol city marching band competition.  Always up for a marching band!

So I also want to take this time to wish myself a Happy Birthday week!  My actual birthday is on the 7th.  I like having the whole week to wish myself great cheer, that’s just the kind of woman I am.  I will be getting to see my dad and sister from California a couple of days later, so that is a great 41st birthday gift for me!  Yes!  Life is good.

Today I am…  All about getting it done!

Beyond 365

Day 146:

Today I am…  Enjoying Spring!  So today I will be heading out once again to the Pecan street festival.  I happened to have gone yesterday after work, I met up with a co-worker, and we enjoyed the sights, of course I wasn’t able to go home, change and bring my camera, I only had my phone, and I took some photos, of course if you want to see those photos, just go to the side of my blog and I will have them posted on my instagram feed.  But today I am taking my camera, and will get some more shots, and post them once I get back today.  The music was good, and it was hot out.  We walked, and walked, and walked till our feet hurt, then it was time to head home lol.  In all it was a great time, she even bought me a couple of rings from a couple of the vendors, will eventually get to posting that as well.

I so enjoy things like this, and this is definitely why I love living in Austin, there are just so many things to do and see, and you really should not be saying there is nothing to do, nowhere to go, even if you have been to some things before, there are always other things to do and explore in this town.  One of the places I would like to find and take photos of is Graffiti park, from the photos I saw from atmtx’s blog, it is definitely a place to photograph.

So let me start my day right, time to listen to Shoreline online, get the word of the Lord in me, and then head out to the festivities.  Here’s to hoping that you too are having a great weekend, for Monday’s come way to quickly.  Enjoy my reader’s and friends, enjoy.

Today I am…  Enjoying Spring!

It’s only been…

Three months, I am still working things out, and getting settled in, yes, it has been a struggle for some parts, and easy and smooth in others. I have changed jobs, meaning that I no longer work at the Pottery Barn, and I now work at Party City, and this is only a seasonal job, but I am hoping to impress them with my work, so that I may be kept on after the Halloween season is done in another month or so come November. Very short story about the Pottery Barn, nothing that I wish to indulge in, just know that some things are not always what they seem, or what you envision, moving forward. I am getting help from my parents until I can really get on my feet, and I am so very thankful to them for being that support.   I have the support of very good friends as well, Because when I am feeling down and out, all I need to do is text, or call and they lift my spirits to a level well beyond.  I have been feeling down, but this too shall pass, just have to keep on moving forward, being in the Word of God, and taking those steps one foot in front of the other.

I will be seeing my mom the first week of October, she will be coming to visit me, and it makes me smile and feel good.   Since my Birthday is coming up, it makes me feel not so lonely.  I mean really, who wants to spend their birthday alone, especially their 40th birthday.  This is a milestone in my life.  Hey so I am blessed that it will be with family, that is if the Lord willing I am still on this earth at that time.   Any way, No complaining about anything else here, just getting it done.

Work is good, have met some very nice people, of course they are all younger than me, but they are still very nice. I have been going down town a lot more lately during my off work days. Have been attempting to get more of a feel of the down town area, mapping out places of music and arts, and getting back into taking photos of things, I have been in quite the funk when it comes to using my point and shoot camera, but until I can afford another Dslr camera, or a better Point and shoot, I need to break out of this funk and get back into it. Sunday I will be attending the Pecan Street Festival down town on Sixth street, then will head on over to Toy Joy, for a reading of Goodnight Austin. I will be taking my camera along, to get back into the feel of things. Mostly I have been uploading photos from my camera phone, but I don’t want to rely on that for the real feel of my photo taking, anyway stay tuned for that blog on my adventures at the festival.

I am hoping to have a stable job before the new year begins, so that I will be able to get cable and internet access, 3 months with nothing more than borrowed dvd’s when mom comes for visits, is getting old. I want to catch the new shows that are on television, and also the new season of Justified, heck, can not be missing that. It’s my show of all shows. Some way, some how this needs to happen.

The enjoyment of a day off from work, just means that there is more work to be done here at the apartment, well my friendly folks, off to get this done, enjoy your day and have a wonderfully fun weekend as well.