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Just a walk in the park.

Usually, I do not get out on foggy, damp days like this, unless I have to be out in it.  Well, today was an off work day for me; but instead of staying put this morning, I was up and at em’.  Up at four, did dishes,washed clothing,and took hot bath.  Was out of the house by 8am this morning. 

This foggy,wet morning I felt like a walk in the park, so that is where I went.  I walked down to the park and took some photos of the last days of Spring, for winter is Sunday.  So my little stroll in the park yielded these photos.



The leaves that were on this tree a week or so ago, now, laying on the ground.



Naked tree.

It was a nice walk.  I have to start back getting it together.  I have seen a decline in my health, and I want to get back to being healthy.  To be continued!

So my very good friend has started herself a blog on WordPress.  I am so happy.  She will also be heading to Honduras on a Christian mission.  Send prayers out to my friend Olivia.  This woman I admire, a very good friend.

Now that I am back in the apartment, I am sitting here , watching Ghost Protocol.  Also watching my tree as it twinkles with lights, and the ornaments sparkle.  Life is good.


Beyond 365

Day 358:

Today I am…  Making Sure.  That I stay on top and ahead of this cold.  It is cold and flu season, and I surely do not want to get sick the way I was in July, so I am taking cold and flu medicines to combat this, drinking water and tea.  Bundling up when need be.  It definitely sucks, when you are under the weather.  But victory will be mine.

Up and at em this morn, weather is foggy and wet.  Not the kind I like, but what can ya do.  So have to be at work at seven, so enjoy your Thursday friends.  Try to keep well.

Today I am…  Making Sure.

Beyond 365

Day 345:

Today I am…  Under the weather!  Literally, this morning, I opened the door to find it foggy and very wet.  Two more things I can do without.  So basically, this is the day or at least the morning I have go encounter on my way to work.

So another Friday is here, and there is work to be done.  Hope you have a great weekend friends, and readers.

Today I am…  Under the weather!

Beyond 365

Day 340:

Today I am…  Overspent!    Yes, it would seem that this weeks whole paycheck, is now gone.  Seems I have overspent today.  So today, is my day off.  Went out early, so I did not have to be caught up in the muck of the day.  Anyway, the day has been foggy and damp.  I am keeping my sunny disposition, even though the weather is not.


No big rains, but plenty of fog.  So here’s to not over spending on next weeks pay.  Photos of phase one to come as soon as it dries out.

Today I am…  Overspent!

Beyond 365

Day 78:

Today I am…  Fogged.  By that I mean that today Austin is enveloped in fog, looks like rain today as well, but hopefully that isn’t the case, and it will burn off and become at least sunny, but if not, that’s just how it will be.  I will be equipped with my big rainbow umbrella and my jacket with the hood, all will be well.  Work today, lol.  I seem to be making it alright, my first week has been pretty good, I am getting better and better at this, and I am soaking up more information.  Last night I found I had more energy and didn’t get tired really till around 8 pm, but once I got my break, I had some trail mix, and that gave me a nice burst of energy to power on till 11.  Now after that I was soo tired, and when I got home I didn’t get to bed till around 1 am.  I crashed, and I slept till 7 this morning.  I feel really good at the moment.  Time to get myself ready for the day at hand.  That time comes around quickly, but I have the next two days off.  Life is really, really good.

Today I am…  Fogged.

Hello Monday!


After getting home from work at midnight, I am up and heading to work.  Yes it is a 9 am morning for me.  I had to rush it, got up at 7am instead of 6:30.  Grabbed a cup of coffee and got dressed.  Now on the bus heading in.  Today is a foggy kind of Monday, but sure to burn off and warm up.  So here’s to Monday y’all.  Enjoy it.