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Praise Him!

Church was stellar today, life class equally refreshing.  Just listing to praise and worship songs on pandora, makes me cry, these songs are the songs we both loved,and sang in church, and with one anither, they fill my heart.  I know she woul be happy right now knowing I am in church, that we all are in church.  Getting closer to God, His Word.  Today I am starting Proverbs in the Bible, I will read a passage each day.  God has done so much for my soul and spirit, in these times.  It is I who must draw closer to him.

I totally admire my friend Olivia, who went to Honduras, mission work.  God is totally blessing this woman, she is truly the church in this world.  I have been thinking of volunteering in the church bookstore.  To be continued…

I know there are some major areas in my life that need cleaning up, I pray to God everyday to guide my steps, to give me discernment, and give me wisdom to see the truth of things, to send the ones that are supposed to be in my life, and the ones that are not to remove the ones that do not belong.  

Did God remove mom from my life, because of a journey I need to be on, without her, I do wonder, but there are roads we have to walk.  We will never be alone, because He is with us.  Gods reasons are not our reasons.  A time,and season for all. It has been 4 Sundays since she passed.  I cried today.  It will get better, this I know in my soul.

I love you mom.

My Corner…

Last night was a truly rough night.  me and dad went to see mom after I got out of work.  Seeing her hooked up is heartbreaking as is, I talked to her, she nooded in some, I held her hand as did dad.  I showed her pictures of her cat, she nodded, as we went on, nurses came in to give her breathing treatments and to check her lungs  and heart.  her lungs are still corse, with yuckyness.  she is still on antibiotics to clear the infections.  it was when we were getting ready to leave, she was gripping my hand tightly, and there were tears in the corners of her eyes.  She was mouthing someting, but I could not understand, but knew she did not want us to leave, it broke my heart.  I had to leave, dad had to leave.  even telling her we would be back today did not help, she kept reaching out to take my hand to come back.  This has been so hard, my heart hurts.  I know she will get better, it is going to take tinr for that, I believe The Lord has her in His hedge of protection, and she is already getting stronger, and He is renewing her body.  

Today, I am bringing my bible to read some scriptures  to her, when we go back tonight.  This has been like a terrible dream, but it is not a dream, it is real.  my mom is in a fight for her life, one that she will need to reach deep down and find the strength to live and fight it.  I have the faith she will come through this, she just needs to bring hers.

Well that is all for now, until my next corner, stay blessed.

My Corner…

Another worth while day with mom.  I get to spend more time on Sundays,because I have that day off.  Anyway, life is chugging along, they have spaced out her medication, the pain is not like it was in the begining.  Still not walking or able to stand; but in time and with much physical therapy this will be possible.  

All this is what is called adversity, we all eventually go through something of it.  How we deal and handle it is the other thing.  I was watching Dr. Stanleys program on adversity, what he said is so very true…  God does not give you more than you can handle.  He knows what you can and can not, and at which times as well.  I know that if these things had come up at another time in my life, it may have been too much, but God knew, I know I am so much stronger for it.  To God I give all the Glory and Praise!

Well, getting my time in with mom.  that is all that is going on in My Corner.  Enjoy your day.

On the move…

My mom that is, today is probably her last day staying at the hospital at St. David’s Round Rock, she will be moving into a Rehab facility for a week or so.  Senior Care home, where they will continue to work with getting her up on her feet, so that she may come home.  I am totally exhausted, and I know she is as well.  It is no fun, when the one you love is ill.  I try to hold back the tears in the presence of others, and even mom, but when I go home, I cry silently.  It is so very hard.  She is making some progress, I pray to God every day and night, and along the day.  I know prayer changes things.

I took the day off work today, so that I could get some things done around their apartment, you know, laundry, and cooking and cleaning it up.  Especially for my dad, so that when he comes in, he won’t have to worry about any thing, and we can go strait to the hospital to see mom.  Usually I get to see her when I get out of work on the days I leave around 5:30, otherwise, I get out around 8 and that’s just way to late to be heading there.  I don’t complain, it’s all good.  I have employment, and I am a bit closer to home, so at the moment it works out.

I really, hope that they can get her some home health care that is within her coverage, praying everyday, because she is definitely going to need it to get better once she is totally released and sent home.

That is it for now, until the next update.  Hope your day is going well.

My World…

SSent in the hospital.  mom is back in the hospital. she fell Friday, went to hospital Sat.  they released her saying it was just bruising,,y Sunday she was back.  it was not from the fall;;ut because she had developed blod clots in her arteries in her groin area, and not a lot of blood flow to her feet.  Doctors are avaluating her, they first said surgery to open up the arteries to get the clots, but found the situation too risky, so nothing is being done at the moment, she has to get her platelets  to a point where the operation  can be viable.  They have her on meds to keep the pain as manageable s possible and, stuff for her iinfections .   She has doctors around her, and she will be transferred back to South Austin this morning sometime.  I have the day odd to be there for her, as well as the rest of the family, but have to be back at work in the am.  Yes, these are trying times for this family of mine; but God is hhee, he strengthen us.  So off to the hospital  I go.  


Is precious, when major things happen, it makes you take stock.  Stock in the little things, in the big things, and in the between things. What’s really important.  My mom has been ill for over a month.  First with Gout,then something else that took over her body.  Come to find out she has leukemia.  So she has been in the Hospital since Sunday, and she will be transfered to the hospital in south Austin today., they will get her set up and take it from there.  Am I scared;yes I am.  We have to stay strong as a family unit, keep strong for her.  So much is going through my mind, but no time to process it all.  I work everyday, and my mind races.  My dad took time off to be with his wife,to which I commend,he needs that, she needs that. I know God has his hands of protection around us.  Major changes for this family unit,with God all things are possible.  

Beyond 365

Day 354:

Today I am…  Putting it Together!  The pieces that is.  The holidays the past couple of years have been hard,since the breakup.  But I am finally getting back to a semi happy place with it,each and every day, I am seeing the difference.  I see, and feel God’s good in all of this.  The tears are less and further between, the anxiety is leaving,and the cloud is lifting.  The thoughts are less, not over, but less.  And the holidays are getting me sparked once more.  Yes, time and my Faith in the Lord, fuels my soul to newness,and an awakening inside of me.  Tis the season Y’all!

Today I am…  Putting it Together!

Beyond 365

Day 349:

Today I am…  Being Careful! That’s right.  Careful in what I do.  Yesterday I had brain slippage.  I was so out of it.  This morning getting ready for work, I could not find my house keys.  Looking everywhere for them.  If I could not find them I knew I was going to miss my first bus.  I started to think, I opened the door and there they were.  Still in the lock.  I had left them there all night, you can surely say God was watching over me.  Missed my first bus, but that is OK.  Heading out to catch the second one.  God is so good!  Indeed, indeed.

Today I am…  Being Careful!