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Will not know, if I don’t try…

New things that is, I will not know how good I can be at something, if first I never step forward to try it.  So it goes.  Today I put in an application to a job, a customer service job, ever since I heard about this company coming here, I have been thinking about putting in a job, at first I did not know where they were going to build it, but a month ago just on a ride to check out the Kirkland’s I saw the building, and today I have put in an application there.  So basically it can be either a Yes, or a No, but either way, I have stepped forward into putting myself in that position.  Yes, this is a new year for me, and with that new year, I am all about new things and adventures for my life, so send out prayers of goodness for me, and great things on new journeys.  I know there are new and sweeter opportunities out there for me.  Today I have put it out there in the universe and on the website!!!

Beyond 365

Day 364:

Today I am…  Growing!  Reaching,stretching, and learning.  Yes, I am growing.  What a difference between the years.  I have seen many things with these eyes, and have heard many things with these ears.  I have explored places, eaten new things, and have made friends.  Time will tell if they are long lasting.  I have learned more about myself this way, than I ever could the way things were before. 

I believe I am a little more wiser,and a bit more stronger from it all.  I can put forth more effort, and will.  I look around, and I see my personal growth.  I see God in my life more, I see His Favor and Grace.  The love of family, and if friends online and off.  I see so much growth.  It is a beautiful season for growth.

Today I am seeing my mother and sister.  Ladies day.  We shall shop, drink wine, and decorate my tree.  Oh, and eat as well.  Today will be an awesome day my readers and friends.  So enjoy yourselves.

Today I am…  Growing!

Beyond 365

Day 332:

Today I am…  Going Hard.  At work that is, I can see my overhead coming down.  Basically it is getting real.  People are being terminated for performance issues, so I need to step mine up.  That is what I am doing.  Stay tuned.

Just sat down to a salad I made, think I put too many onions in it.  It is good, but think I am going to pick out some of the onions..  tomorrow I am going to make baked BBQ drumsticks.  And more of my salad minus all the onions. And some pasta noodles. 

Well, life is rolling along for me.  Before I know it the new year will be here.  Yes indeed! Time is moving on.  Well hope time is good to all my reader’s , and friends.  Enjoy the weekend.

Today I am…  Going Hard.

Beyond 365

Day 330:

Today I am…  Listing it off!  Yes, I have been thinking about the Thanks Giving holiday.  Now last year,I spent it with Riki and her family,but this year I am well ready to do this on my own.  Mom may not make it down, and it is a blackout day on the work schedule meaning, that we an not schedule to have that day off.  I am aware some will get it off and some will not, so If I do have to work that day…  it is what it is.  So I am going to prepare my first little Thanks Giving meal.  Not a whole lot,I do not want yo overwhelm myself.  Just a chicken maybe cornbread dressing, ham, with cranberry sauce.  Of course Pecan Pie, I think I might just have to pick one up from Royer’ pie haven.  Anyway. I am feeling tings of excitement here.  Oh! This is a season of many Thanks.

Today I am…  Listing it off!

Beyond 365

Day 329:

Today I am…  Weathered.  It is cold, it is rainy, and I am not a happy camper.  It us a dreary kind of day.  Work stunk for me, I was having a stinky day.  I know I must not dwell on it, it is over, and I have to move on from it.  I just want to be home, under warm covers, hot food, and a good movie.  Today was ruff one.

I am off tomorrow, so I am going to stay in.  Need to do cleaning around the apartment.  Plus, it looks like more rain in the forecast.  I am not looking forward to winter, but better start preparing though.  Well that is a bit off, fall is here, so let me just take it one season at a time.

Today I am…  Weathered.

Beyond 365

Day 322:

Today I am…  Productive.  Yes, getting busy, getting things done today on my day off.  Getting those bills paid and getting papers for my health insurance sent off.  Yes!,  today is a productive day for me.  I am keeping my Faith in the Lord, that things will all work out for my good.  Life is moving along.  Work is work, no complaints.  The months are moving quite swiftly, in two days this month will be up.  What a month it has been. 

The weather is starting to get cooler, time to break out the jacket.  Time to also start making stews and soups.  Gonna break out the crock pot.  Yes, here’s to a productive day off, may your day be productive as well.

Today I am…  Productive.

Beyond 365

Day 312:

Today I am…  Loving It!  Living here in Austin, I am thrilled, and full of excite!  Life is coming alive for me.  There are so many things I want to experience,and so many places I want to go,and I am going to start.  So many times I have said this or that, well, I am tired of saying.  I am going to do.  Yes, Life is coming alive for me.

Today I am…  Loving It!

Beyond 365

Day 300:

Today I am…  41!  Yes!  I made another year.  By His Grace.  How does 41 feel?  I say it feels like 40, but I know I am a bit wiser than the year before, and defiantly a bit stronger emotionally than a year ago.  So I say 41 is starting out pretty good.

I am finally getting myself together and have plans I want to get in motion.  More hard work to come, but I can do it.  Life is good for me.  I think 41 is going to produce good thing.

Today I am…  41!

Growing Up.

I have always been fond of documentaries either by book or by television shows, and last week while browsing through Netflix on the computer; I happen to come across one.   It is called 7 up documentaries.  The one I found was about 20 seven-year olds in and around Britain in 1964.  They documented the lives of these seven- year olds every seven years, as they grew into adulthood.  I must say it was very interesting, and heart felt as well.  If you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend checking it out.  Here is a summery of what this show is about.

I don’t think that I could have done something like this, but I am glad someone did, because looking into others lives can be very insightful, and interesting.