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Well what we all expected, has come about.  Today we were officially told the store is closing.  Something we knew would happen sooner or later.  Not sure as to the last day, but the liquidation is about to start.  So even though I have been putting in aps, need to up my game.  I hope we get our pay come the first.  To be continued!!!

Summer clean up…

So today I took off work, needed a little mental break.  Today was well needed.  So me and mom did some end of summer claening of my storage.  When they came here a year ago, they stored their stuff in my storage.  So now, it is time to clean, throw away, shred, donate stuff they will not need.  We are almost done, with the exception of a couple of boxes.  Then the stuff they need to keep, and want to take to their apartment they can.  

Speaking of work, it has been going.  I am hanging in there, abour to go from tier 1 to tier 2 in another week.  I can say it can be trying at times;but nothing like my last call center job.  To be continued!!!

Beyond 365

Day 288:

Today I am…  Keeping It Real!  My Faith that is.  There are some tough, struggling, times going on with me and my mom and dad.  With the progress of His eye surgery, the delays and the monetary issues, life seems hard, harsh, and just exhausting at times.  But I am keeping my faith in the one who can do it.  He knows, sees, and works things out for the better.  I will not give that up…  yes! It looks troubling, but stay true!  He is right there. 

So right now, just waiting on the bus.  Life can be trying, I am a warrior and I will be great.  I am putting in applications for an evening job.  Make a bit more extra, with the holidays coming up.  Stay tuned.  Still enjoying the day job.  Got to do what you got to do in life…  no excuses.  What comes with being an adult. 

Today I am…  Keeping It Real.

Beyond 365

Day 234:

Today I am…  Here, yes, I made it to another month, the month of August.  Praise be!  So today I did happen to score that big client I was talking about, it is a pretty much the biggest client interactions has, well ok just one of the biggest.  I have to say, and all I have to say about this is….  It is, what it is.  There is going to be a lot of work put in for me to really get this client, but I am sure at some point I will get the hang of it.  So one more day of work, and I am off, oh joy!  It has been a long day, now I am home and getting ready to cook.  Thanks bird’s-eye for your tasty Volia!  Beef lo mein dinners, just cook them up, and yumminess to the tumminess.  So on that note my friends and reader’s hope your Friday has been an awesome one, and the weekend is just as sweet!

Today I am…  Here.

Beyond 365

Day 163:

Today I am…  Happy To Say.  That come Monday, their will be a new system in play at work, new for all the IA’s on the morning and mid shifts, not too new for the third shifters, since they started it with them, to see how well it went.  So now instead of fighting for points, it will be different, different in the fact that it will be all on us, if we get things wrong it is because we got it wrong.  But hopefully it will be better, and the pay scale will be much better, so it will be a bit easier to get up that ladder.  We went over the new changes today, and it gets put into play Monday, we will notice the changes in our pay in a couple of weeks.    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!  Two more working days for me, and tomorrow happens to be Pay Day!

I also had an assessment over one of the clients I have, this one I have a bit of problems with, but with all the new changes, and the mentoring, I am hoping that it will do me very well.  Because I am gunning to make Tier Two.  Just need one more client and I will be there, then work from that on to more clients.  Stay tuned.

Tis funny how time flies as well.  I have been there for about 4 months, and I am still enjoying it.  I think mostly because, I think back to retail, and I shudder when I walk into stores, and see all the stuff you have to endure, and I know, it is not where and what I want to endure anymore.  Moving forward, with something different, and believe me this for me is a lot different.  It is working for me at the moment.  Smile.

Today I am…  Happy To Say.


Beyond 365

Day 156:

Today I am…  Looking Forward.  Yes, to the end of the work day, I know, I know, it hasn’t even started yet, but here I am looking fast forward to the end of the working day.  This will be the start of my weekend, once 3pm hits, and I will have the next 3 days off to relax, and enjoy my mom being down here.  It is enjoyable having her down here, I wish that my dad could be with her, but he has to work, so I don’t get to see him as much, but it is fun when he does get to come every now and again with her.  So anyhoo….  Life is going pretty good for me.  I would write a little bit more, but time is flying by and I need to be out of the apartment by five am, so until the next time friends and reader’s, here’s to a great Thursday, keep it fun, and always safe.

Today I am…  Looking Forward.