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IT’s not rocket science, it’s only the front counter…

Well, onward sweet flowering life.  About 3 weeks ago, I ended my stint with that place I was, one of which I shant mention, and now I am working for a temp agency, and my first gig started today, I had a day of training on Saturday, and today was my full day of work, sure, it is only for a week, then I move on to other pastures.  It is pretty interesting indeed, this stint is for a florist in the city, I am at the front counter, is it pretty busy, for this will be mother’s day, and it will be crazy.  I never knew so much went in to flowers, oh the business behind the petals and stems.  I was a bit nervous, but the crew I work with is so very gracious, and I feel very comfortable in this spot.  I am really digging this.  I will get new assignments for now, this is working for me, of course, always looking for longer term things, as the process goes on.  Here’s to the sweet smell from the flowers of life.

Nailed it!

That would be the interview I had scheduled for today, yes, I nailed that bitch down.  They made me an offer right on the spot.  Now by no means does it mean I am all the way in, I am in by way of getting the offer, and starting the intense 7 week training leading up to the actual job, if you know what I mean.  I start the training on the 8th of next month.  It is Monday thru Friday, from 8 to 5, for seven weeks, 4 weeks training, 2 weeks of phone and being on the floor, taking calls, and putting in what you have learned, and 1 week of everything else, then if that is aced, then I will be on the floor and one of the agents there.  Oh Lord, thank you.  I am going to have to really buckle down, take notes like no ones business and get my mind prepared to do this.  New year, new endeavors.  That interview, might have been the hardest I had to do, but I prepared a little more than usual.  I am just thanking the Lord for more opportunities that keep on coming my way.  Stay tuned…

In light of great news for me, sad news for the world once again, Glen Frey died the other night.   So very tragic,  I wanted to see The Eagles when they performed here in Austin last year, but was not able to do that.  Here today, gone tomorrow at times, may he rest in peace.  This starting year, has really been a sad beginning in the world of music, and television.

Speaking of television, I just started watching this show on NetFlix last night, the first season of The Gates.  It is about a gate guarded community, and the new police chief that is in charge of policing it.  Behind the gates, hold lots, and lots of secrets. Vampires, witches, wearwolves, oh my!  So many secrets.  I am liking it, so tonight I just may finish up this first season.  Looking forward also to season 6 of Game of Thrones, as well, but that is not until April.  Hi ho friends, off to watch The gates, here’s to a great day, and awesome night, along with awesome winter weather here in Austin, sun shine, and smiles.

The Truth Is Still Out There…

Oh so excited about the X-Files returning, even though it is six or nine episodes, it should be really good, I saw some of the previews and yeah, I am really thinking that I am going to enjoy this.  I already have been having a ball watching Heroes reborn, so cant wait till next week for the X-Files.  I watch the show on netflix, up until Fox leaves the show, that is where I really stop watching it.  Hey, nothing is better than Fox and Dana, and when Fox left the show, it was no more interesting to me.  I did happen to watch the movies, they were alright, yeah, just alright.

But I am so, so, sooo!  Glad that The Black List is back on, missed it in the couple of months it was on hiatus.  Ugh, but now just all yays.

The weather is hot and cold here, one week, great weather, sun shine, and blue skies, the next, cold, dreary, and gray.  Yeah, sure winter, winter, winter is here, but I would rather have sun shine and warm, ah, to be continued on that one there.

On a brighter note, I have an interview on Tuesday, keeping all my spirits bright.  So enjoy your night friends, and remember, the truth will be revealed, no matter what.

Will not know, if I don’t try…

New things that is, I will not know how good I can be at something, if first I never step forward to try it.  So it goes.  Today I put in an application to a job, a customer service job, ever since I heard about this company coming here, I have been thinking about putting in a job, at first I did not know where they were going to build it, but a month ago just on a ride to check out the Kirkland’s I saw the building, and today I have put in an application there.  So basically it can be either a Yes, or a No, but either way, I have stepped forward into putting myself in that position.  Yes, this is a new year for me, and with that new year, I am all about new things and adventures for my life, so send out prayers of goodness for me, and great things on new journeys.  I know there are new and sweeter opportunities out there for me.  Today I have put it out there in the universe and on the website!!!

Beyond 365

Day 81:

Today I am…  Circling the wagons.  Yes, as today is the last day of the month, I have finally paid the last bill of the month as well.  So it begins again tomorrow, yes, a continuing circle.  It’s all good though, all good, that just means I am in it.  I have employment that affords me to be able to pay up each month, have a roof over my head, food in my tummy and then some to save.  God is so good, I always remember that.

I am so thankful, for Him.  I feel awesome.  Sure I have my times when I don’t feel this awesome, we all do, I may hem and haw at the time I have to go to work, but never to the point that I wish I didn’t, because there is always someone who has it worse off, who wish they had a job.  I am thankful for what I do have.  I may cry at times for feeling a bit lonely, but I know it passes.  God has such good things in store for me, and that includes a mate, I just have to make sure I am at a place within myself to receive it.  A work in progress.

Speaking of, I have had two wonderful days off, and now it is time to head back to work tonight.  Funny, just looked at my work email, and they are having pajama weekend starting today until Sunday, means you can wear your pj’s to work, lol.  I don’t think I will be participating in it this time, seeing as my pajama’s are pretty worn, perhaps when I get some cooler ones, as like all things, it’s a work in progress.  Well reader’s time is mozying along, so I better get with it.  Enjoy your weekend.

Today I am…  Circling the wagons.

Beyond 365

Day 69:

Today I am…  irked

Irked because I missed day 68, so I suppose the streak is kind of broken, but I am still charging onward.  I was pretty busy yesterday, and I had meant to write once I got home, but got busy with my mom, listening to slow jams, oh these times, they are very, very sweet.  But today I will be sending my mom back home to San Angelo, but will see her again next month.   Today is my last day working at the party city, and really, I do not want to go in, but I told them I would be there, and I am a woman of my word, and will keep to that.  For tomorrow, I start my new job, and venture to all things new.

I am feeling good, feeling really good about how things are working out for me, but it is only by His Grace, that I am in the place that I need to be.  Welp friends and reader’s work has got to be done.  Here’s to all things new.

Today I am…  Irked, and I really should not be.

“Come on down”… NOT!

Does not look like I will be coming on down, I won’t be the next contestant on “The Price is Right Live”.  Today at the long center, the price is right live is going on, I was really hoping to score some free tickets, but no go, and well 29 dollars and up to get into it, is definitely not on my budget at this time, perhaps next time when I have more to spend.  I have always dreamed about being on that show.  I even have the day off from work today.  Oh well, perhaps next year if the chance arises.  For today it is filling out job apps at the library, and trying to stay dry.  It’s all good though, it’s all good.

My mom will be down next week, to spend her birthday with me, and I am trying to put together something really special for her and I.  I do believe that Chuy’s and The Cheesecake Factory will definitely be on that list, as for other entertainment, perhaps going to see the new Thor movie while she is down.  Either way I am going to fix up something very special for her while she is down visiting; since she has continued to do so much for me.  I want her 63rd birthday to be a very special one.

It is getting pretty cool now, breaking out the jacket seems standard, and before you know it, will probably have to break out the big coat.  Also it’s beginning to look a lot like…  Yes!  For me anyway, time to get that Christmas Tree, and get to decorating it, heck, I am going to do it up.  I know your thinking, um, Thanks giving is not even here yet, well for me I am going to get a jump on the Christmas season.  That’s just the way I am, and I love it.  Stay tuned.

Well friends, looks like I really do need to head back home, before it starts to rain out.  Keep your day fun, and safe.  Until the next time, get out and enjoy if you can.


You just have to step out of the box, to know what you can do.  If it works, then Yay for you, if not… You try something else.  It never hurts to try.  That is the only way you will know if you can or can not do something.  So Next month, I am going to put in an application to a place my friend used to work at, it is a manufacturing kind of place.  Let’s just see how it all goes, I have nothing to lose.  To be continued…

Life is what you make it…

I continue to make it the best that I can, and keep it in God’s hands as well.  Today I am spending some more time at the library filling out these applications, soon I will not have to fill out any apps because I will have a Job, stay tuned…  Life is good, life is pretty hot and humid I will say as well.  A couple more months and it will be fall, I breath a sigh.  But until then, I will battle this heat and humidity like a pro.

I thank God every morning that my eyes open, thanks and praise, it’s the only way.  One thing Is when I do land a job and get caught up on all my bills, I am getting cable and internet, heck I don’t want to even think about going into the new year without.  I mean season five of Justified will be starting in January, and believe me I plan on watching it, so these jobs need to hurry up and get me on so I can do what I need to do lol.   Gonna be a great season for the hot shot in the ten gallon hat, yeah baby!  Stay tuned…

Short blog today, so hope that all my readers are enjoying themselves.