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IT’s not rocket science, it’s only the front counter…

Well, onward sweet flowering life.  About 3 weeks ago, I ended my stint with that place I was, one of which I shant mention, and now I am working for a temp agency, and my first gig started today, I had a day of training on Saturday, and today was my full day of work, sure, it is only for a week, then I move on to other pastures.  It is pretty interesting indeed, this stint is for a florist in the city, I am at the front counter, is it pretty busy, for this will be mother’s day, and it will be crazy.  I never knew so much went in to flowers, oh the business behind the petals and stems.  I was a bit nervous, but the crew I work with is so very gracious, and I feel very comfortable in this spot.  I am really digging this.  I will get new assignments for now, this is working for me, of course, always looking for longer term things, as the process goes on.  Here’s to the sweet smell from the flowers of life.

Beyond 365

Day 114:

Today I am…  Learning.  Yes, I got a new client.  More data entry work, boy I never knew what data entry work was really, but now I know and my fingers like to cramp up, but it’s all good, it’s all good in my land.  I choose this over standing on my feet all day dealing with the public.  And I want to learn more and more, and absorb more and more, so that I may never have to go back to standing on my feet all day, dealing with the public the way I used to.

Oh, the spring day is really springing along, today is another windy overcast kind of day.  Another bring the umbrella kind of day.  Well I have another bag of clothing that I will be taking to work and dropping in the donation box, I feel good about doing this, and getting rid of clothing I know that I will not really wear again.  Well I must be getting ready for now, I have a busy day ahead, before I go to work, have some errands to do.  So enjoy your April my reader’s and friends.

Today I am…  Learning.

Beyond 365

Day 12:

Today I am…  Thinking.  Yes, thinking of how my life is playing out, and it really is not so bad.  In fact when I take a long deep look, I am making more out of it than it really is.  The truth is, I am making it harder for myself by hanging on to those thoughts of the past.  I have had problems with letting go in the past, and I have been working on that problem, it is slow coming, but it is coming around in my head finally.   The tears, the heartache’s, the dark days.  Well they come and go, and each day I feel a bit stronger than the last.  I see a bit more than the last, and I understand a bit more than the last.  I would say that is growth; wouldn’t you?

I look around and I really have nothing to complain about, I am living in the city that I want to be in, I have an apartment, and new people are coming into my life and into my path, I am having new and first experiences and adventures.  Yes, I know it is not the way I had envisioned it all going, but it is life moving ahead for me.  I have employment, and I have opportunities to go forward in life as well.  I look around me and see lots of people who are not well off, who have true problems, and I look at myself and say, heck, I do not need to complain about my pettiness.  One thing I am working on as well.

I am learning more and more about myself in this time of being.  Yes, things I do not like, but it is always a work in progress, and things that I adore about myself, those unique things and quirks that I have that makes me smile and know that I am something special, that God has made me very special.  life’s lesson, and school is always in.  Just a little of I am learning.

Today I am…  Thinking.

When plans die.

Believe me, this was not in my plans.  Some did work out, others did not.  It is OK though, I get up and keep moving forward; keep putting one foot in front of the other , and taking the mountain day by day.  Believing in God, knowing He has great things and people in store for me.  Removing what does not belong, and placing what does in my path and in my life.  Oh, it may be lonely at the moment for me; I may have tears on ocassion, but Joy will come in the morning. 

Sometimes the plans you have, are not the plans the maker has for you.  Perhaps you are to go a different way.  In different relationships as well.  I am continually learning these things.  That is what life is about, always learning something new.  So here’s to newness.  May I continue to thrive and live life to the best, making every moment count.

Pity, party of one, your table is waiting for you.

Here I lay on a Friday night, throwing myself a pity party for one.  Pretty sad wouldn’t you say.  Well I guess I would say.  Especially when you know life is not rainbows and unicorns, and the consequences of the decisions you have made.  Life is always a lesson to be learned, something to be taught and you will never learn it by sitting back.  Sometimes it is learned the hard way, where you have to step back and take a look at where you are going. 

As I raise my cup of kool aide and toast my pitiful self.  Life is not always going to be sweet.  My decisions not always the right ones as I am learning this week.  I have to move forward, even though tonight I feel so stuck in the past.  I know I am just existing, when I should be living.

Tomorrow is a new day.