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GoT… and other shows.

Wholly dragon balls my friends, well friends who watch The Game of Thrones.  Last nights episode was Amazing!  Got to see Bran, and got to see at the end of course, what happened to Jon Snow!!!  If that wasn’t crazy, I don’t know what is, but then again it is only episode 2.  Whoa, whoa, whoa, this season is going to kick ass so hard, I am loving this show.  So glad I am able to watch it.  I will eventually have all the boxed sets.  Last night was crazy good, can’t wait to catch next Sundays episode.  Seriously people, I recommend this 200 percent.

I also recommend watching The blacklist.  With liz now dead, of course I don’t believe she is really gone, I think it is just to throw the bad guys off her sent, that have been hunting her down, they had to play like she died, but you know how writable these stories can be, I do believe that she is off for now, because she did have a baby in real life, they had to write all that into the story line, but it’s all hear say from me, I am not all that sure, but I am going with this story.  It has gotten really awesome, and since I  read that it has been picked up for season 4, I am all giddy with glee.  So watch, it is a really good show.

I am watching season 3 of The agents of Marvel, really good, really good, they also have been picked up for another season.  So, pretty much this year has been well off for things to watch, then of course there is Netflix, and the originals and things they are showing, loving every minuet of it, when I can get around to watching.  That is pretty much about it for now, so until the next time show watchers, enjoy this season, of prime time.

OMG, is right!


The OMG! Cheesecakery trailer was on the grounds of the tour of lights, this is just one of the food trailers that I have been wanting to try, and I surely got the chance a couple of nights ago.  Can you say heaven in little tins, OMG is right!


Not the best picture of this creation, but it was heaven, this is a new york cheesecake with strawberry balsamic sauce, and it was truly delicious.  My friend had the same, but with a mexican chocolate sauce, both were out of this world delicious.  Just another notch in my list of food trailers.  Life is delicious and so was this.

Not what I expected…

So the other day, I had an outing downtown, I went to the capitol, took some photos, then just browsed around, well I got hungry, so I decided to see what the to do about PTerry’s was about.  I knew they had opened shop on sixth and congress, so I just skipped on down there.  The line was long on the inside, mostly people waiting to get the food they ordered, the ordering line itself was not long.  So I looked at what they had and placed my order.  1 cheeseburger with pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and the sauce.  1 side of fries, and 1 caramel milkshake.  I waited for 20 min, then obtained my order.





So the slogan goes…  Never been better, well I think it could have been much better.  I paid $7.04 for all that you see before you, and it really could have been much better.  the milkshake really just tasted like a vanilla shake with caramel sauce, the fries were a bit too greasy and the burger did not have enough flavor to it,  It bordered on the bland.  If I had to give this a score from 1 to five I would give it a 2.  In fact I just gave it a 2, meaning to me it was an alright burger, nothing fancy, and nothing in my opinion to go over board about.  That’s just me, and this is just one more thing I have tried in Austin.

On to the next thing my friends, hope you have a great day, I sure will.

Will not know, if I don’t try…

New things that is, I will not know how good I can be at something, if first I never step forward to try it.  So it goes.  Today I put in an application to a job, a customer service job, ever since I heard about this company coming here, I have been thinking about putting in a job, at first I did not know where they were going to build it, but a month ago just on a ride to check out the Kirkland’s I saw the building, and today I have put in an application there.  So basically it can be either a Yes, or a No, but either way, I have stepped forward into putting myself in that position.  Yes, this is a new year for me, and with that new year, I am all about new things and adventures for my life, so send out prayers of goodness for me, and great things on new journeys.  I know there are new and sweeter opportunities out there for me.  Today I have put it out there in the universe and on the website!!!