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So long January.

Looks can often be deceiving,  what looked like rain this morning, burned off to a glorious Sunny, warm, 75 degree day.  Now if that don’t put a smile on my face.  So this morning I hopped on the bus and went on the route to where the place I will be going to my interview, timed it all and I actually made it there before 9am, in fact It was still 8 in the morning.  Now I know time frames for when the busses’ come and go, so Monday morning I will be ready.  I am feeling rejuvenated with all this new change going on, it actually puts me in a great frame of mind.

When I got back to the terminal the new metro rapid bus was there, so I took a photo, this boy is huge and very long.  I will be riding it soon, just to get a feel of where it stops and goes, how far, and back around to the terminal again, hey, for me that’s the way I get to know places, since I do not drive, I am not just going to hop on a bus not knowing for sure where I am going or where I am going to end up at.  Nope, I do it this way so that I will have a clue, and having a clue is a winning combination.  And I like to win.

Metro rapid bus

So here’s to the end of January 2014, it has been great, and I welcome February in with open arms, minds, and hearts, because this is my year.