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To all my joyful readers and friends, A very merry Christmas to all.  Last night I indulged in a bit of the vino. 


Today, it will be Chicken and dressing, and maybe a bit more wine.  So here is to a great day.  My mom and dad are on the way, and I have the chicken in the oven.  Got Die hard on.  Urban cowboy later.  Here’s to Christmas 2014.  Have a merry one.

Beyond 365

Day 305:

Today I am…  Chillin’.  Yes, just saw mom and dad off, they are heading back to Angelo.  Now, I am waiting on the bus to get back to my apartment.  Decided to stop at Target, pick me up a couple more movies to watch.  Last night I watched War Horse.  Really great movie that was, had tears in my eyes, but really great.  The collection is growing good.  Tuesday is the release of X-men:  Days of future past, once I have that my collection of x-men will be complete, of course minus x-men origins: Wolverine.  I did not like that one,so it will not be part of my collection.

Mom made a huge pan of meatloaf, so I know what I will be eating on for at least the next three days.  Love those left-overs.  It is deep conditioning hair week.  So while I settle back to watch movies, that’s what I will also do. 

Work in the morning, life is good.

Today I am…  Chillin’ .

Beyond 365

Day 281:

Today I am…  Sending Off.  My parents that is, back down the road to Angelo, as I sit here and type this out, mom is cooking breakfast for her JR.  It is all good, today they get back on that long road back, it has been a swell time having them down, we went to Luby’s in Round Rock, and also to The Sam’s Club, good to know where these things are, just in case I move to Round Rock.  Then we went to the movies, we saw, The Guardians of the Galaxy, it was really funny, there was a tear jerker moment, but in all it was pretty dang good.

I finally finished all the The BlackList, it was really, really, really, good, now I am on to another series, but today will be about movies, mom got 300 Rise of an Empire, which she will be leaving down here with me, and I bought Captain America:  The Winter Soldier, so pretty much going to spend the rest of this day movie watching.  For I am back at work tomorrow.  I have so enjoyed these past few days with the rents, but back to everyday life.  So enjoy this day my friends and readers.

Today I am…  Sending Off.

Constant Craving…

Oh me, Oh my!  I  think there might be time for an intervention here.  If I am not careful, I might just eat this whole bag of clementines.



I love these oranges, man oh man.  Every time I buy a bag, or my mom buys a bag for me, they are gone within a couple of days.  I can literally sit there and eat them all up, but not sure if that is healthy or not, I mean fruit is good for you, and I am sure I am getting more than my five servings in just a couple of hours lol.  They are quite delicious.

On another note, my movie collection is coming along, I don’t have as many movies as my mom has, but I am eventually hoping to rack up a collection as huge as hers.  Here is what I have so far.



Slowly, but sure this collection of mine is coming together, so what is in your collection?

Beyond 365

Day 228:

Today I am…  Feeling Powerful!  The power of Hercules that is, well a figure of speak.  Today me, my mom, and dad, went to watch Hercules at the movies, we were suppose to go yesterday, but ended up back in San Angelo, well we got back into town before noon, went to eat at the Luby’s, went back to the apartment.  Then headed out to watch Hercules.  Which in my opinion was awesome, the rock, rocked!

I have had so much fun these past few days with my mom, always a good time.  Her and my dad will be leaving out in the morning back to Angelo.  Always sad to see them go, but always a good time when they come down.  So the night has been well, and getting the last few hours before bedtime in with my mom, loving our grown-up talks.  Here’s to enjoying the weekend friends.

Today I am…  Feeling Powerful!

Beyond 365

Day 150:

Today I am…  Almost there.  Almost there to being a tier two analyst.  Today I got a new client, so that gives me smiles, I also got a good handling bonus too.  So that keeps that pretty smile on my face as well.  Today has been overcast, and rainy, but with all that, I am still shining my sunny outlook on things.  Yay me!  Two more days, then I am off, to which I will be attending that glass art show.  Yes indeed, the month of May surely is looking pretty fine.

Speaking of May, well Netflix has put out some movies that haven’t been on there in a while, I have watched both volumes of Kill Bill, I am about to watch the rest of Gladiator and Braveheart, I watched Backdraft, and there are more to come.  Oh yes, until I get cable, if I get cable in the new year, lol.  Netflix is fine by me.  So let me get to getting my watch on!

Today I am…  Almost there.

Beyond 365

Day 125:

Today I am…   Refreshing myself.  After a week of work, I was totally exhausted.  Today is my only day off, and I am refreshing.  I got some due sleep, in fact I slept in till 8:30 am, and after watching church service online, I have been up to not a whole lot today, but watching The Royal Pains on Netflix, in fact I have finished season 3 and will start season 4 in the morning before I have to be at work.  I have taken a little break from them, to do some cooking, tonight’s feast is burritos.  Just cooked them up.  I use ground turkey or ground chicken, it taste really good, since I don’t do ground beef anymore.  In fact the really only time I eat ground beef is when I have a burger from new places.  Usually I stick to chicken, lol.  I so love the chicken.

Besides doing a lot of nothing, I did happen to stroll down to the target that is along the way, it’s not that far off, anyway, I bought myself a new lamp, one of those tourchier kind of lamp, the cheap one’s with the plastic upshade.  It is in black, and so cool I learned how to put together lamps at my time spent at the Kirkland’s, in fact it is a good thing I learned to put together accent pieces, makes it a lot easier on me, being a single woman you know.  Now the bigger things, lol, that’s a whole other story, for another blog.  Things are slowly coming together, today lamp, tomorrow who knows…  I did happen to see this cute little bathroom rug that I think I might snag.  And still looking for things that will make my little patio balcony blaze with color.  Stay tuned.

On my trip to target, I spied the new Percy Jackson movie, so I got it, Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters, so I am going to indulge in a double feature of Percy Jackson.  First the Lightning Thief, then the Seas of monsters.  With a plate of burritos, a nice cool citrus drink.  So hope you all have enjoyed your weekend.

Today I am…  Refreshing myself.

Beyond 365

Day 105:

Today I am…  Remembering back.  I just finished watching Pump up the volume, man it brought back memories of my teen angst years.  It was hard being a teenager.  Only hard emotionally lol.  I had an ok upbringing, nothing major, my mom was a single parent raising 3 kids, working full-time and going to school, but she brought us all up.  Those teenage angst years, where you thought you were going crazy, all the drama, the rollercoaster of emotions in a overboiling pot.  Sheesh, I am so glad those days are done with.  I have to say though, it is harder being an adult.  But through it all I wouldn’t go back to those teenage years for anything.  It is OK to look back every once in a while, just to see how far you have come from that, and the growth you have made.  Just don’t stay.

Monday, Monday, Monday.  The start of another work week, the weather looks a bit funky out, something cold may just be blowing in.  I have enjoyed the weekend, now it is back to work.  I had to cancel my appointment to get my taxes done, now I have to reschedule it for my next day off.  What fun, what fun.   Here’s to the start of Monday and all that comes.

Today I am…  Remembering back.

Beyond 365

Day 91:

Today I am…  LMAO, that’s right you saw it here first.  My mom bought The Hangover and Hangover II.  Well I had watched the first and laughed so hard, I almost wet myself.  Well the second one really got me laughing.  I am so inclined to buy the whole trilogy now.  Add that to my ever-growing collection of movies.  It will probably not be as big as my mom’s but I am surely hoping to get it up there.

Today is the start of my new schedule, where I will not have to work the 3 to 11 shift, today is 3 to 9, but I can still catch the bus, then morning shifts.  Looks like the day is starting out nice, I am praying for good weather, I feel spring right around the corner.  Now, all I have to do is get myself together with getting enough sleep.  I am happy to report that my feet are doing so much better, with that news, I will be able to get back to my much-loved walking.  Stay tuned.

Today I am…  LMAO.