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Amazing show

I don’t know where this show came from, but it is a Marvel show, it is called Jessica Jones, and I just finished watching the last episode on netflix last night, it is Amazing.  Woah, with a Capital Woah!  It was a little slow going in the beginning, but it blasted out of orbit as I continued to watch, I am pretty much drooling at the mouth, wondering when the new season will begin.  I will say, that if you haven’t watched it, Go, go now and watch it, It is on Netflix.

Making a list and checking it twice…

The black List I mean, heck this show is sooo good!  I am just now finishing up the second season on Netflix, and in the process of watching the 3rd season on NBC on Thursday nights.  Yeah, I totally love this show, and especially the interactions of Reddington and Liz, and how super cute Agent Ressler is.  Super Hottie!  This has definitely replaced my love for the now ended Justified.  I now have a new love.  Oh Joy.

So today is my day off, and I am officially spending it in front of this laptop, netflixing, but not chilling, as they would say, I am chilling, but it is not that kind of chilling.  Thank God for Netflix, and my moms password.  Oh love.

I have now updated this laptop to windows 10, and still not really a clue as to what is what, but slowly deciphering what is…  To be continued…

Beyond 365

Day 281:

Today I am…  Sending Off.  My parents that is, back down the road to Angelo, as I sit here and type this out, mom is cooking breakfast for her JR.  It is all good, today they get back on that long road back, it has been a swell time having them down, we went to Luby’s in Round Rock, and also to The Sam’s Club, good to know where these things are, just in case I move to Round Rock.  Then we went to the movies, we saw, The Guardians of the Galaxy, it was really funny, there was a tear jerker moment, but in all it was pretty dang good.

I finally finished all the The BlackList, it was really, really, really, good, now I am on to another series, but today will be about movies, mom got 300 Rise of an Empire, which she will be leaving down here with me, and I bought Captain America:  The Winter Soldier, so pretty much going to spend the rest of this day movie watching.  For I am back at work tomorrow.  I have so enjoyed these past few days with the rents, but back to everyday life.  So enjoy this day my friends and readers.

Today I am…  Sending Off.

Beyond 365

Day 278:

Today I am…  Intrigued!  That’s right my loyal reader’s.  Deborah has a new Netflix series addiction.  “The BlackList”  it stars James Spader, oh my, and it is thrilling, I am liking it mucho gusto!  I just turned it on yesterday evening once I got out of work, have been seeing it on there, but always passed it up, well decided to see what it was all about, and boy am I glad I stopped at it.  I have it all cued up right now, and once I finish this post, it is going on.  If you should happen across it on your Netflix, I highly recommend it.  Good watching.

So after work, called mom, they are on their way this way.  This is the last time I will see both for a bit, dad is going to be heading back to work, so won’t get to see him, he still has to get his lens put into his eye, that will take place in a couple of days.  He also has to pass the eye part of his physical, so that also will take place next week some time, So they will be here till Wednesday, always glad to see them, tonight I am making spaghetti.  So until tomorrow my reader’s enjoy the end of your weekend, and may the start of the new week bring nothing but blessings and Joy.

Today I am…  Intrigued!

Is it asking too much…

To have a peaceful, quiet mental health day.  I suppose it just may be.  I am finally safe at home.  So the mental health day has been pretty mental, first off, I get out to go pick up my movie I had ordered, only to find they had ordered me the wrong one, so they look and tell me that since it is such an older one, that it can only be home shipped, but to get that, I have to pre-pay first.  I decide not to pre-pay today, and will just order it to be delivered to my apartment through the web site, so that I won’t have to think about that, something I should have really thought about before hand, but hey I know now don’t I.

Second off, head away with nothing to show for it, so hop back on the bus, heading to the park in ride, get there, decide to get some stuff at the target, then wait for the bus to get home, on the bus, stop at the light where the HEB is along the way, smell something smoking, don’t pay a lot of attention, but guy from outside bangs on the bus door, saying there is a fire in the back of the bus underneath, bus driver gets out, walking like no care in the world, then get back to the bus and tells us to get off, well there are several people by now yelling and screaming that the bus is on fire, so we get off and get back away, indeed underneath the bus it was firing up, suppose the driver called the fire dep, then stood there, like what was she suppose to do, now crazy me to think, that she should have probably pulled the fire extinguisher from the bus, but she did not.  Fire department got there, it was already out, some guy in a trash truck, got his extinguisher out and put it out.  Yeah Thank you Mental Day Off!

Me and a couple of other rider’s decided to just walk the way back to the apartments, since I didn’t live far down from it, so yeah It was hot out, and I got lots of sweaty, but I am glad to be home and believe me, I am not going out anymore for the rest of this day, indeed I really do need a mental health break now.  So with that being said, I am going to hit up Netflix, and watch the other episodes of Being Mary Jane, hope your mental health is at a good state.

The Start of Something Good

So it started back up with the television series Torchwood, and proceeded on to what I have in my Netflix repertoire.  Now things have branched out, new and older programs.  I have now watched The Fall, Happy Valley, South cliffe, and I am now into the first season of six seasons of Prime Suspect.  I have dived into Luther, and I am all giddy with all that I have been seeing.  There are much, much more to go, I have always had an infinity for british comedies, and British shows, now I can really indulge it on Netflix.



Beyond 365

Day 260:

Today I am…  Doing Nothing.  That is right my friends, just doing nothing of the sorts.  Today is my day off, and I am not doing anything special today with it, just going to lounge around my little apartment, type out this blog, watch some Netflix, which I have been getting into some Netflix original series, and they have been really good.  I just finished one called Happy Valley, if you happen to have Netflix, I am really suggesting you check it out, it is a bbc broadcast, very good though.  Right now as I type this out, I have Pandora streaming away.  I feel like a little music for the day.

Got assessed yesterday at work, then mentored for one of the clients I am on, the assessment was ok, not great, but just ok, I really do need a bit more help on this one, so I am hoping to get more mentoring on this client, as for the mentoring I did get on the other client, that went good, they say I am doing alright on it, so that makes me smile.  Yup, in six months I will have been there for a year, I am hangin’ in there.  Who knows where my next step will be…  Stay tuned.

The weather has been in and out the past few days, all the while I was taking my umbrella with me everywhere, there was no rain, the moment I leave it at home for the day, it rains, man isn’t that ironic.  Life has a way of laughing at you, great laugh life, but I am still chugging along.  It’s all good.  I will be taking my umbrella with me from here on out, the smaller one in my purse.

Well it is about lunch time, so off I go to have something to eat, here’s to having a great day.

Today I am…  Doing Nothing.

Beyond 365

Day 249:

Today I am…  Relaxed!  My day off, and I have already done apartment chores, and now just going to relax for the rest of the day.  I did think about heading out to the Harry Ransom Center, but that can wait for another day or weekend off.  Today it is just going to be me and sweet, sweet, netflix.  I pulled up a recipe for bbq baked chicken wings, and I will be trying that out tomorrow, as well as one for mac and cheese, not out of the box, but using velveeta cheese.  I do like experimenting with throwing food together to see how it all comes out.  I get an idea in my head, and I try to execute it as best as I can, to see and taste the results.  I bought some corkscrew pasta instead of the elbow noodles, this should be some kind of turn out.  To be continued.

Not for sure if my sister and nephew will be down here next weekend, still haven’t gotten a strait one, we shall see.  My mom was going to come with my dad, but with all the stuff going on with his eye, she will not be coming down, so if they do happen, they will just have to do it on their own.  If they do happen to come down, I can at least show my nephew some new places down town, His birthday is on the 20th, and he will be 22 years old, so it would be good to see him.  To be continued.

Welp, I am on season 3 of Continuum, and I shall watch it all today, so with that being said, I better be off, and here’s to a great weekend my friends and reader’s.  May it be a great one for you.

Today I am…  Relaxed!

Beyond 365

Day 244:

Today I am…  Onto a new series.  On Netflix that is, I have been seeing this every time I click on television shows, so now I have decided to stop and finally watch it.  There are apparently 3 seasons of it on Netflix, I am just in to episode 3 of the first season.  It is Continuum.  I am finding it really good, yes sometimes, it takes a while for me to get to things, but when I do, I always kick myself and say, where have I been, why didn’t I watch this while it was on television, but that is neither here or there, it is a beginning for me and I am liking it a lot.  So as I put on some chicken to bake for dinner, I am about to switch on Netflix and get on it.  So Happy Monday Y’all, and hope that you are enjoying what is left of it.

Today I am…  Onto a new series.

Beyond 365

Day 235:

Today I am…  All Worked Out!  That is right my friends, and reader’s, I just got off work an hour or so ago, and now I am home, ready to get my grub on, and kick back to watch season 4 and the series finale of “The Killing”, here on Netflix.   I started watching it last night, got through 3 episodes, really two, I fast forwarded the third episode to the end, I was way to curious to see what was going to happen.  Now I am going back to watch the complete episode, and move on from there.  I should be done with the entire thing before I lay my head down to go to sleep tonight.

Whew!, the weather outside is muggy, but a breeze is blowing through as well.  I haven’t seen any rain, but can’t say there still won’t be any.  So this is about it for today my reader’s and friends, here’s to a fabo weekend, keep it fun, safe and always enjoy what ever you do or do not do.

Today I am…  All Worked Out!