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52 Weeks (Picture This )

Week 20:  ( picture this )


Not the best picture I could have taken from my phone, the vehicle was in motion.  This is a photo of the sun setting; on my ride with my mom back to San Angelo, Texas.  Yes, I have come back for a little visit.  Having three days off from work, I will be heading back to Austin tomorrow.  I need more beautiful sunsets and sun rises in my life.  Enjoy.

52 Weeks. ( Picture This )

Week 6:  ( Picture this )


Walking down the street.  Yes, mounted police women.  Some is Austins finest on their four footed friend!   It was a fine day, I was out looking for some action.  Good action, but came across this instead.  Was a good time to take a photo.  So onward.  Until the next time.  Enjoy the day.