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When plans die.

Believe me, this was not in my plans.  Some did work out, others did not.  It is OK though, I get up and keep moving forward; keep putting one foot in front of the other , and taking the mountain day by day.  Believing in God, knowing He has great things and people in store for me.  Removing what does not belong, and placing what does in my path and in my life.  Oh, it may be lonely at the moment for me; I may have tears on ocassion, but Joy will come in the morning. 

Sometimes the plans you have, are not the plans the maker has for you.  Perhaps you are to go a different way.  In different relationships as well.  I am continually learning these things.  That is what life is about, always learning something new.  So here’s to newness.  May I continue to thrive and live life to the best, making every moment count.