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Beyond 365

Day 293:

Today I am…  Praying.  For His strength to cover me,as I travel this life.  I know I am weak in my emotions,so I pray,for His guidance.  Today, that I may see and feel His power over me. 

Today I am…  Praying.

Beyond 365

Day 247:

Today I am…  Asking for prayers.  There were some slight complications to my dad’s surgery yesterday, a piece of the cataract broke off and went behind the eye, they are looking at some possible more surgery for him, he has to go back to the docs this morning, there was a lot of pressure in the eye, and they are trying to get that swelling down, so I have been praying, and just ask my readers for extra prayers as well.

Today I am…  Asking for prayers.

On her 63rd Birthday…

We had fun, we enjoyed the day, I bought her what she wanted, we went to the Barton Creek Mall, she loves that mall, we had lunch, and enjoyed one another’s’ company.  It was a great time had by both.  I love my mom, and I love when she comes to visit me, there is enough space between us; that we are not underneath one another like it has been, and there is enough time away to miss one another and enjoy the visit when she does come down.  Yes, she still wants me indoors before dark, but like I have told her, It can not always be that way, hey, I work at night some times, and I also like to spend time out.   Something I don’t think she will ever get used to, but hey C’est La Vie right!

I will be seeing her next month of course, she will be coming back down, for a little business, and of course to see me, so all is good in my land.  Still searching for jobs, but that too is all good.  My goodness, time sure is rushing by, before you blink it will be the new year.  So many changes going on in my life, so many changes coming on so fast, but that’s pretty much how it goes.  Change does not care if you are ready for it.  I’ve made it this far, of course I couldn’t have without God on board.  All things are possible with God, and I know that I am going to have what I say I have.  I have been feeling down.  This passes with each prayer I pray, I do feel the growth inside, and I want to continue to grow in the Lord’s Strength and Grace.  Time to get real with life.

There is so much that I need to do, things need to be prioritized.  furniture for the apartment, starting with a bed, then work my way across, internet for the computer, then a television with cable, a new camera, so that I can really start putting into place some photography lessons, and going out shooting with my friend, who shoots awesome portraits.  I know I have just been dragging my feet, and it is not going to do.  I  need to get up and be proactive for and in my life, all this talk is just cheap, and it has got to stop.  No more feeling down, and sorry and teary and all that jazz, time to get my shit together and get on with it.  Responsibility for my life.   Nuff said.

Life is what you make of it….  Let me start making mine!


The One

You are the One I need in my life, you are the One that keeps me true.  My heart aches when I am away from You.  You are always there for me, I need to be close to You.  With out You I am nothing.  Your strength is my strength,and Your love is my love.  I thank You every day for Your Mercy and Grace.  I boldly ask for Your guidance in the way I need to go.  Thank You my Father for Your wisdom and peace.  Thank You Father for keeping me in Your Favor.  Protecting me through the fire and the pain.  Your undying forgiveness and watching over me through all that I am going through.  Strengthen my Faith everyday and help me in forgiveness as I go about this life.  All this I pray in Jesus name.

Here comes the rain again…

And it came, and came, and came.  In fact it came down so hard, the minuet that I got off the bus, that my poor umbrella couldn’t withstand it all, I got a good soaking, of course it was a smaller umbrella that I had just bought.  But it is good that the rain came.  Indeed it was needed.  I took the bigger sturdier umbrella to the library, and will hope that the rain holds off until I can get back home inside all nice and dry.

Tomorrow is the Open House, I am a little nervous about attending, but as my mom has always said…  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I am definitely going to venture out and attend, because I really do want this gain.  Full time work is the goal for me, and easy access because it is just down the street.  I am going in head held up high, and a smile on my face, answers to the questions at hand, a firm handshake, and total interest in working for this company.  Stay tuned…

Just got to keep the faith, yeah, I know that was a Bon Jovi song, which happened to be pretty awesome.  So here’s to me keeping the faith.  Until the next time, keep your heads up, a smile on your faces, and good spirits and blessings around.