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Constant cravings…

Well today anyway.  Today the weather is cloudy, rainy, humid and calm.  Yes, it is a pretty quiet Saturday.  You know the kind that makes it feel as though it is not even a Saturday.  So the rents and I took a little trip to Brady, TX.  Just to get some barbecue.  Sure there are tons of bbq places in austin, heck I really do need to get some, and do a comparison.  Anyway,  the ride was great and the bbq sandwhich was delicious.

If you happen to stop in Brady, Texas this place will not dissapoint.

52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 45:  ( picture this )


Yes, it is me, sporting my very new umbrella.  Yet another rainy Saturday weekend as well.  So much so, that I did not attend this years Indian Powwow.  Was up and at em this morning, but the rains came, and it was going to be my moms first powwow.  We made the decision to not go, since it is far south and we did not want to get trapped in case it started to flood, since the past two weekends have been nothing but flooding.  Better safe, than sorry.  There is always next year; if it is to be.  A bummer indeed, but it’s life. 

52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 44: ( picture this )


Just a continued bout of rain we have been experiencing here in Austin.  Of course this time not as bad as last weekend, where I had to call out, this time I am heading down the rainy path to work.  I am actually glad this is the last day of the month, looking forward to a better month in November.  So all you out there in the rain, keep safe, and dry.

Just another rainy day…

Here in the ATX, man I really wish that I was not here at work, it is raining cats and dogs, frogs and hogs.  I am going to try to get off work early if that is even possible, there is already a skeleton crew here today, so may not even get that chance.  I am not all that into rain, not in this kind of way anyhow.

I have one more day to work, then off on Sunday, hopefully that day will be a clear, sunny kind of day, or nice weather day.  Not sure what I will do, but definitely know if it is raining that I will be staying indoors.  Ugh!

Rain, rain, go away…  Keep safe all my austinite readers and of course family and friends.

Here comes the rain again…

Yes, yet another rainy day in the ATX.  I am dealing with all that is, but hoping for sunny weather real soon.  Spring is right around the corner, and I hope to see nothing more than sunshine, and beautiful weather, will get back to you on that.  As for today, it is gray, dreary, and wet, the wind is kicking up, and I am a bit blah!  Forecast calls for more of the wet stuff all week, and also freezing cold, ugh!  I just have to keep myself together in this time, I can, do it, I can do it, I…  Ugh,.  I have not really been able to do a whole lot, I walk when I can, but the weather is so icky, I just stay put when there is no way around it.  I need to get myself together and hit the fitness room at the apartments, there is no excuse, but I make plenty of them, just need to get at it, find the time that is right for me.

Have been playing around with my camera from time to time, need to do more, though.  Once I really get it moving, I will post some photos on here that I have taken.  Well I better get moving, down the road back to the apartments; before worse weather hit; here’s to warmer weather, and all that jazz.  Until the next time.

Not a fan…

Of this weather, not a fan of winter really, but especially this kind of dreary, gray, cold, rainy, wet kind of weather.  In fact, I wish that it was spring time already, oh of course there will be things about spring I will not like, but in all, I am a fan of the spring more than a fan of the winter time.  Ugh!  Today, I am here at work, just pounding this out before my day begins.  A couple of more weeks, and it will be spring.  So just need to keep it all together until then.  The weather is a downer, but have to stay focused.  No sir!  I am not a fan of this winter weather.  Hope that you are all staying warm.  Got to go, oh that thing called work is beckoning me in the background.  Happy Tuesday Y’all!

Beyond 365

Day 358:

Today I am…  Making Sure.  That I stay on top and ahead of this cold.  It is cold and flu season, and I surely do not want to get sick the way I was in July, so I am taking cold and flu medicines to combat this, drinking water and tea.  Bundling up when need be.  It definitely sucks, when you are under the weather.  But victory will be mine.

Up and at em this morn, weather is foggy and wet.  Not the kind I like, but what can ya do.  So have to be at work at seven, so enjoy your Thursday friends.  Try to keep well.

Today I am…  Making Sure.

No, I’m not happy when it rains!

Yet another day of clothes soaking, here I am again, soggy shoes, socks, and feet day.  No the smile is gone, and I just want to be dry and warm.  Sure, we might have needed this glorious rain, buy I do not like being out in it.

Whoa!  The days of unknowing youth, when playing in the rain, splashing around footloose, and fancy free.  But then you become an adult, and it dawns on you, that being wet and soggy to the bone is misery in itself!  Dancing in the rain…  Yeah right, on what planet is this a good concept, perhaps for some Nicholas Sparks movie, but in real life, it equals nothing but catching a gold and I try to avoid those as much as possible. 

Almost home, where I will shed these wet clothes,and make a hot soaking bath, with some Epsom salts, get into warm jammies, and put me on some peppermint tea.  Yes, my day is done!  Keep dry.

Beyond 365

Day 345:

Today I am…  Under the weather!  Literally, this morning, I opened the door to find it foggy and very wet.  Two more things I can do without.  So basically, this is the day or at least the morning I have go encounter on my way to work.

So another Friday is here, and there is work to be done.  Hope you have a great weekend friends, and readers.

Today I am…  Under the weather!

Beyond 365

Day 282:

Today I am…  Attempting.  To keep myself dry, for it is raining out this day.  I shall bring out the big rainbow umbrella to battle the rain, and I shall wear my long-sleeved undershirt to combat the cold, frigid, icy temps that is called the prod floor at work.  Indeed, indeed my friends, today is a battle, one that I shall win. Victory is mine!

Today I am…  Attempting.