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Beyond 365

Day 314:

Today I am…  Soaking it in.  A beautiful fall day!  I am off work, standing here on my balcony looking at the beautiful day God has given.  I was headed to the library, but turned around.  I seem to have misplaced my library card, and I was going to see if I had the number memorized, but turned around and came back home.  My body is telling me to rest this day.  There will be more days that I can do the library thing.  So here I am.

Soon the lovely fall greens and orange will give way to browns and grays.  The trees will bare their leaves, and you will see nothing more than bare branches.  But that is a story for another day.  🙂

Today is a day to enjoy the sun, breeze, and beauty. 

Today I am…  Soaking it in.

Beyond 365

Day 230:

Today I am…  Rested.  That is right, I am very rested, I just blew through my 8 hour work day today, and I still have some energy to spare.  So here I sit blogging this out.  Today has been a good day, the weather is hot, but not muggy today, so that leaves me smiling.  Life is good, that leaves me with no complaints, work is work, no complaining there.  Still carrying around this cough, but the rest is good.  I got some essential oils, and have been using them, right now it is only Peppermint and Eucalyptus, but together, they get me to breathing and open up the passageways.  I put drops of both in my hot bath water and soak it in.  They are really great.

Well the day moves on, so I am going to get off here, and get my relaxation in before bedtime, here’s to the rest of the day.

Today I am…  Rested.

Beyond 365

Day 223:

Today I am…  Wiped Out!  Spent, done, finished.  Today was a very hot and humid kind of day, and I am so very tired, so glad the work day is done, so glad that I am at home now, and so glad I can do nothing more but rest.  Indeed my reader’s today has been a good day no doubt, but it has also been a hot day.  So here’s to just relaxing at my casa, until the next time, hope you stay cool, if you are out in the heat today.

Today I am…  Wiped Out!

Beyond 365

Day 216:

Today I am…  On the mend.  Feeling good.  It was back to work for me today as well, I have morning hours, so I am liking it.  Have tomorrow off, but work Wed-Sat.  Gotta get all the hours I can, because rent has gone up here in Austin, and I will be paying a bit more for my humble little apartment.  That is alright, I have no plans on moving someplace else, I like where I am at, it is on a bus route, and I pretty much know where and how to get to the places I need to get to, so it’s alright.

So not much planned on my day off, think I will stick with staying around the apartment, it has really been too hot to do much anyhow, I think being inside, with the ac on and watching Netflix and drinking tea may be the thing to do.  Anyway, I want to get as much relaxation in from all the stuff that has gone on healthwise.  Get my body back in gear.  So on that note, think I will kick off the Netflix watching whilst I brew me up some chai tea.  Enjoy my reader’s.

Today I am…  On the mend.

Beyond 365

Day 201:

Today I am…  Making it count.  My day off that is, today I have not done a whole lot, still in my pajamas, haven’t been out of the apartment today, did do a little cleaning; not a lot, but a little.  Just finished season 2 of the Killing, now about to watch season 3…  Netflix rocks, well I can really say that cause well I can.  Just relaxing and resting up.  Trying to keep myself as well as I can.  I know today I feel a lot better than last, and that is saying something.  I have to work the next five days, so today is totally resting up.  I need to really take it easy, and not get so stressed out about things.  I feel that taking this day off from really doing anything strenuous was the right thing to do, I mean rest is best.

So my reader’s here’s to enjoying the last of the weekend, moving forward always.

Today I am…  Making it count.

Beyond 365

Day 125:

Today I am…   Refreshing myself.  After a week of work, I was totally exhausted.  Today is my only day off, and I am refreshing.  I got some due sleep, in fact I slept in till 8:30 am, and after watching church service online, I have been up to not a whole lot today, but watching The Royal Pains on Netflix, in fact I have finished season 3 and will start season 4 in the morning before I have to be at work.  I have taken a little break from them, to do some cooking, tonight’s feast is burritos.  Just cooked them up.  I use ground turkey or ground chicken, it taste really good, since I don’t do ground beef anymore.  In fact the really only time I eat ground beef is when I have a burger from new places.  Usually I stick to chicken, lol.  I so love the chicken.

Besides doing a lot of nothing, I did happen to stroll down to the target that is along the way, it’s not that far off, anyway, I bought myself a new lamp, one of those tourchier kind of lamp, the cheap one’s with the plastic upshade.  It is in black, and so cool I learned how to put together lamps at my time spent at the Kirkland’s, in fact it is a good thing I learned to put together accent pieces, makes it a lot easier on me, being a single woman you know.  Now the bigger things, lol, that’s a whole other story, for another blog.  Things are slowly coming together, today lamp, tomorrow who knows…  I did happen to see this cute little bathroom rug that I think I might snag.  And still looking for things that will make my little patio balcony blaze with color.  Stay tuned.

On my trip to target, I spied the new Percy Jackson movie, so I got it, Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters, so I am going to indulge in a double feature of Percy Jackson.  First the Lightning Thief, then the Seas of monsters.  With a plate of burritos, a nice cool citrus drink.  So hope you all have enjoyed your weekend.

Today I am…  Refreshing myself.