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The road less traveled…



Looks like this road will finally be less traveled by both my mom and dad.  The road between Austin and San Angelo.  Today, me and mom traveled to San Angelo to finish up getting prescription’s for him.   He is down here fully.  And the good news is that he will start his new job in the morning . He will be working,  for United moving.  Yup, already on a job.  It is all good.  So this road will not be traveled often.  There will still be times that they will go, but for now, these wheels are heading home to Austin Texas.

When one door closes…

Seems as though the new apartment move will not be taking place at this time.  Mom and dad will be staying where they are for now, and I will keep the apartment I am in for another year. 

This door may have been closed, but God always open up another.  So I will not pout.  It will all be good.  God has something far better in store.  Things happen for a reason.  That is all.

It’s a small world… Sometimes.

So it is funny, how since I’ve lived here, I have met two people already that I have worked with previously in San Angelo Texas.  One when I used to work at the Big Lots, and another, that I worked with just a Kirkland’s Home, but she only worked there for the christmas season one year.  But strange that we work at the same company here in Austin.  Not really strange, to see her I suppose, because she is from Leander/Cedar Park.  But I suppose strange, that we work for the same company, with all the companies in Austin.  But then again, it really is a small world if you think about it.

Well today I am here at work, typing this out, waiting for my time to go in.  I figured, that I would get on here.  Today is not as cold as it was yesterday, and I have yet to see this “freezing rain”, but then again, I don’t want to see any freezing rain at any time of the year.  I am hoping to get out really early today, for I have to take care of some business, and want to be able to get to it while I still can.  It is cold out, but like I said, not as cold as it was yesterday, but the day is still young, and there are all those chances still.  Whatever it may be today, I am ready to deal with it; I am bundled up, and ready to go.  Hope that your Friday, is starting out well.  Until we meet again, enjoy your day…  TGIF!

Beyond 365

Day 227:

Today I am…  Back in San Angelo.  Only for the night though, my mom had to take care of some business, so I decided to come back with her, we will be leaving here back to Austin in the morning, my dad will be coming back with us as well, and then they will leave out Sunday before noon.  It has been nice spending time with mom again.  I know she was here just a couple of weeks ago, but it’s all good in my book.  Today we were going to go see Hercules at the movie, but instead made a trip back to San Angelo.  Hercules will still be in the movies.

In spending time with my mom and also with my friend that came down, there are things that have been on my mind.  Some things that my friend had told me, which is so true, about moving forward in my life, everything she has said is so true, and I will try to keep it all in mind and keep on moving forward.  Also my mom, has said so many things about things, and moving forward, and I know she is so right, so, so right.  So here goes to moving forward, it has been so hard, but it has been my own fault, I have just been holding on to something that has been gone for  long while.  Guess it just takes, more for me to finally get it.  I think I have finally gotten it, and it has been hard, but I have just made it hard on myself, no one but me.  There are no more tears here, I believe those dried up three months or so ago, anyway, for my friend I have taken your advice, now I am still not going to open up that dating site, but I will take your advice though and loosen up and start living.  Thank you for all that you have been to me woman.

Well my friends, and reader’s time to relax and watch some of this television.  Enjoy your weekend y’all.

Today I am…  Back in San Angelo.

Beyond 365

Day 212:

Today I am…  Traveling!  I am taking a trip back to San Angelo this morning with mom, going to spend a couple of hours there, then head back to Austin.  I haven’t been back to Angelo since I moved here a year ago.  It will be nice to see some of my co-workers from Kirkland’s, plus I will get to meet my mom’s cat princess precious.  Which in due time will become my cat.  This also gives me a chance to check out the route my mom travels to get here and get back to Angelo.  I have my trusty point and shoot all charged up, ready to snap some photos along the way as well.

I must say that last night I felt better than the night before, and this morning I am feeling better than yesterday morning.  Have already taken my antibiotics, and will take my other meds along the way.  I am going to enjoy this day, for tomorrow I am back to work, and my mom will be leaving back to San Angelo on Sunday.  So here’s to getting better every day, and enjoying myself.

Today I am…  Traveling!