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Ho, ho, ohhh you know… Let get on with it.

Merry Christmas family, friends, and online readers…  Much has gone on this week.  The biggest thing for me is I got laid off from my job, well not only me, but a whole lot of people got the axe.  A week ago.  I really did not hit me for a couple of days that I was jobless, but none the less, here I am, in the process of looking for new work.  I had my little pity party the day I got canned, now all that is done and over with, and it is now time to look, and search hard for a new job.  I have put in aplications, and I am so very thankful that my mom and dad live here, because they can help me out a little with things.  I am positive everyday that I will be getting a new job if not today, tomorrow, in the coming weeks.  Hey, new year,new job, new insight on life.  I am not worried, I know I will get something really soon.  That was really the biggest thing that happened to me over this week, and today it is Christmas day.  I am loving life, and enjoying it with every day The good Lord sees fit for me.

Today, mom and dad, and I went for a ride out to Waco, TX.  I do love long rides, since I don’t drive, I am a awesome rider.  The weather was cloudy, and there was a winter nip in the air, it was a pretty perfect Christmas for me.  Just about the way I like them to be.  Since I am not a cold weather person, I prefer to have a blue sky kind of winter Christmas day, hey, it is just the kind of person I am.  For me, the weather has been awesome.  Still like a spring /fall kind of week.

Soon the year will be ending, and a new year will be starting, I look forward to  another beginning.  Here’s to a very merry Christmas my friends, family, and readers.  Hope that your day is just as Merry.

Happy Christmas Eve Y’all!

Well it is upon us, yes, that is Christmas Eve, the weather outside is cold, and I hope it warms up a bit, not sure if it will or not.  So thought mom and dad would be heading down here today, but dad has to work, perhaps if he gets off early enough, they can head this way, if not, then they will be leaving out early tomorrow.  Can’t wait.

I have work today, but I get off at 3:30 today, hopefully earlier if possible.  I want to just wish all of my readers and friends, a very merry christmas, and to keep it fun, and always safe.


Beyond 365

Day 364:

Today I am…  Growing!  Reaching,stretching, and learning.  Yes, I am growing.  What a difference between the years.  I have seen many things with these eyes, and have heard many things with these ears.  I have explored places, eaten new things, and have made friends.  Time will tell if they are long lasting.  I have learned more about myself this way, than I ever could the way things were before. 

I believe I am a little more wiser,and a bit more stronger from it all.  I can put forth more effort, and will.  I look around, and I see my personal growth.  I see God in my life more, I see His Favor and Grace.  The love of family, and if friends online and off.  I see so much growth.  It is a beautiful season for growth.

Today I am seeing my mother and sister.  Ladies day.  We shall shop, drink wine, and decorate my tree.  Oh, and eat as well.  Today will be an awesome day my readers and friends.  So enjoy yourselves.

Today I am…  Growing!

Beyond 365

Day 358:

Today I am…  Making Sure.  That I stay on top and ahead of this cold.  It is cold and flu season, and I surely do not want to get sick the way I was in July, so I am taking cold and flu medicines to combat this, drinking water and tea.  Bundling up when need be.  It definitely sucks, when you are under the weather.  But victory will be mine.

Up and at em this morn, weather is foggy and wet.  Not the kind I like, but what can ya do.  So have to be at work at seven, so enjoy your Thursday friends.  Try to keep well.

Today I am…  Making Sure.

Beyond 365

Day 345:

Today I am…  Under the weather!  Literally, this morning, I opened the door to find it foggy and very wet.  Two more things I can do without.  So basically, this is the day or at least the morning I have go encounter on my way to work.

So another Friday is here, and there is work to be done.  Hope you have a great weekend friends, and readers.

Today I am…  Under the weather!

Beyond 365

Day 337:

Today I am…  Extremely COLD!!!  Yes, so it begins.  The temperatures have dropped!  I am Cold,  I am sure I mentioned to all, how I do not like the cold, because if I didn’t, let me say for the record…  I do not like the cold weather.  The older I get, the more it displeases me going through it.  Today the temp says 34°, but I say it feels a lot lower,and the scuttle around is that tomorrow will be even colder.  No I do not like.  I am going to try to find me some polar temps 360°, so that my ears do not freeze off.  I also think a scarf might help also.  Brrrrrrrr.

Today I am…  Extremely COLD!!!

Beyond 365

Day 335:

Today I am…  Getting Warmed-Up.  Oh yes,  the weather has definitely turned cold.  Tonight is a cold front night.  Here I sit with my tall tumbler full of sweet orange/ black tea blend, with a splash of lime juice.  So tonight as I sit warming myself, watching The winter soldier, I must remember that life is good.  So hope all is well in your land.

Today I am…  Getting Warmed-Up.

Beyond 365

Day 330:

Today I am…  Listing it off!  Yes, I have been thinking about the Thanks Giving holiday.  Now last year,I spent it with Riki and her family,but this year I am well ready to do this on my own.  Mom may not make it down, and it is a blackout day on the work schedule meaning, that we an not schedule to have that day off.  I am aware some will get it off and some will not, so If I do have to work that day…  it is what it is.  So I am going to prepare my first little Thanks Giving meal.  Not a whole lot,I do not want yo overwhelm myself.  Just a chicken maybe cornbread dressing, ham, with cranberry sauce.  Of course Pecan Pie, I think I might just have to pick one up from Royer’ pie haven.  Anyway. I am feeling tings of excitement here.  Oh! This is a season of many Thanks.

Today I am…  Listing it off!

Beyond 365

Day 329:

Today I am…  Weathered.  It is cold, it is rainy, and I am not a happy camper.  It us a dreary kind of day.  Work stunk for me, I was having a stinky day.  I know I must not dwell on it, it is over, and I have to move on from it.  I just want to be home, under warm covers, hot food, and a good movie.  Today was ruff one.

I am off tomorrow, so I am going to stay in.  Need to do cleaning around the apartment.  Plus, it looks like more rain in the forecast.  I am not looking forward to winter, but better start preparing though.  Well that is a bit off, fall is here, so let me just take it one season at a time.

Today I am…  Weathered.