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52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 29:  ( picture this )


Ladies, listen up.  Imagine going into a store with all the purses and handbags you have dreamed of, baubles, jewelry and the what nots just waiting to be had.  Well. I present Sam Moon.  This store is amazing, things that dazzle and sparkle so bright; you need shades and a bigger basket to haul your load.  Indeed,  when I walked through the doors my eyes glazed over.  Very affordable, if there happens to be a Sam moon in your part of the world, I highly suggest you stop by.  😉

Beyond 365

Day 130:

Today I am…  Kickin’ it!  That is right friends, and readers, today I got a new pair of kicks.  My feet feel really free of aches.  Picture below.



I plan on getting a back-up pair as well.  I got these at the Barton Creek Payless.  Oh yes, that good old Barton Creek Mall.  My mom loves to go there when she is in town, so we had to stop on by.  She found some good deals on some blouses, and got some make-up, she has been splurging as well, while down here.  It is so good to see her smile.

Now tomorrow we will be going downtown to the Capitol.  And I am also taking her to Toy Joy.  Didn’t eat at any place new today, she wanted her favorite asian food at the food court, so it was all good.  She finally, saw some of UT  and was amazed how big and spread out it is.  So having mucho fun with my mom.

Well my friends and loyal reader’s I am also celebrating my 1 year anniversary of blogging on this blog.  Happy anniversary to me!  Many, many, many more blogs to come.  And I hope that you all will continue to tune into this blog of mine.

Today I am…  Kickin’ it!

Beyond 365

Day 129:

Today I am…  Splurging.  Yes, while my mom is here, I am splurging on treating her to new eats and plenty of shopping, of course she is shopping up a breeze.  She bought plenty of money to go shopping with, and I am treating her to restaurants and places to eat.  Plus seeing different sights around Austin.  Today’s eating spree was to Carino’s Italian restaurant.  I’ve never even been to the one in San Angelo, so figured it was time to hit it up, and hit it up we did.  She got the Lobster Ravioli, lemon creme cake, chedder broccoli, I got the chicken ravioli, tirimisu, and chedder broccoli, it was delicious, so very delicious.  Tomorrow is another day of splurging.  This week has been good, and it’s not over yet.  So to good company, family, and yummy food.

Today I am…  Splurging.

Beyond 365

Day 99:

Today I am…  Taking a look.  Yes, I am in my closet and taking a look at the drabby clothing I have, either outgrown, or they just do not fit right.  I haven’t been shopping for clothing in a couple of years, so I am thinking that it is about time I lay down some money and pick up a few new threads.  I do not want to go over board, because I am just getting back into my walking routine, and well that changes my body, so I think that I will wait a few more weeks, then go shopping bit by bit, and all these other clothing…  I will just donate to good will.  Indeed, indeed.

Today I am…  Taking a look.

Beyond 365

Day 88:

Today I am…  Up and Down.  Yes,  what I mean about that is the up part of me is up because I just looked at the new schedule I got  and I will be working mornings, sure it’s only six-hour shifts, but they also call people to work late at times, and I can always adjust and work past my afternoon shift.  It makes me smile, but the down part of me is down because I will be working all week-long.  My only day off is next Sunday, so even though during the week of working, I could go down town for a little bit to see some of south by, to me it is not worth the hassle, I would have loved to spend a whole day enjoying it.  So I can truly say that This year for festivals have been out for me, and I won’t get to see it.  Ho hum.  Life goes on lol.

There is always next year, and who knows what next year really holds for me.  Stay tuned.  Today has already been a great day, spent it with my mom, we went back over to Sam Moon, where she indulged herself once again with rings, and purses.  Then we had lunch at the Souper Salad.  It was very good, like I have said, one mission for me is to try different eateries around Austin, and I am well on my way, and I am indulging my mom in it as well.  Sorry, no photos this time around, but the next eatery I will try to remember to snap some photos, for here, my Facebook and my instagram.

I also picked up the new Hunger Games:  Catching Fire dvd, so today has been pretty productive, even though it never really got too sunny outside.  I do hear that next week will be a bright, sunny, spring kind of day, I welcome it very much of course.  So until the next blog my friends, enjoy your weekend.  And to the Austinites who will be attending any of the SXSW festivities, keep it safe, fun, and take plenty of photos.

Today I am…  Up and Down.

Oh Rah rah rah rah rah GAGA

So let the rambunctious raucous, drunken debauchery commence.  Today is the start of South By South West, or South by as austinites call it.  It gets kicked off with the interactive part, film and then next week starts the best part, which would be the music part, of course I am not sure what is truly best about it, since I’ve never been, and without badges or wristbands, you don’t get to get in to see those world-class musician, but then again, do you really want to be?  I think the best would just be to stick to the freebies and enjoy yourself, so if I happen to be able to make it to a day of music I will post how it all turned out.  Stay tuned.

In the news today, it seems as though Lady Gaga will be playing south by, the city denied her a permit to play on the dorito’s sound stage, but did that stop her or Doritos, nope.  They just moved it to Stubbs’ now she will be performing there.  I find her tunes catchy, and yes, you will find me humming along to some even singing some, but she’s not someone I really care for, and definitely not gaga over her.  As long as I am not swept up in the hordes of minions I think I will be fine.  I will definitely try to stay away from that area lol.

Well up and getting ready for the day, it will be filled with shopping with mom, going to go back down to Sam Moon.  So enjoy your Friday, and keep it safe as well.

It’s Official

I did well on the assessment and I am now an official employee of interactions.  I do not work this weekend, but will start next.  I did well.  I felt I was going to do well, and all my other classmates did well also, we all passed our assessments.  Of course I was not worried about it one bit, I knew, just had that feeling that all was going to be fine.  Just now have to get fingerprinted for the job, and the rest is pretty much history.

I have work tomorrow morning at party city, then Sunday will be my last day working there.  Ah, will finally get a sit down job, will be off my feet and out of the public eye.  New year, new ventures, it’s all good.

Today has been a beautiful sunny day, after training, me and my mom went to the shops at the arbor, and I introduced her to Sam Moon, she went into overload.  The next time she comes down, I know exactly where we will be going.  Then we stopped and ate at Pot belly sandwich.  It was a first for both of us, and we enjoyed it very much.  Yes, this trying new places to eat is fun, fun, fun on a bun.

Well time to disperse all this happiness, and get in a movie before I head off to bed.  Keep it fun and safe friends and readers.