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Down time

Today was a little bit of down time.  Where I go off to a somewhat quiet place and talk to God.  Today was the park, I have always been fond of parks.  This one is down the street from the apartments.  Very convient I say.  So today I went to sit, think and have a conversation with God.  I find myself speaking more to God, but that is a good thing.  Today my conversation was keeping my faith strong.  Knowingthat God is working on my behalf, and that He has good things in store for me.  Just to keep knowing that gives me a peaceful feeling inside.

I had been down the past few days; but I am feeling much better and refreshed.  Never discount the power of a friend.  Today I feel strong.  Getting out of the apartment and to this park helps as well.  I start work Saturday.  And family comes in that day as well.  Get a little time with them.  A little time is better than no time.

Today my solice is God, and this pretty little park.  Tomorrow… well I will just let that take care of itself.