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Beyond 365

Day 89:

Today I am…  Springing Forward!  Wow!  can you believe that it is already that time once again, where the time changes.  Sure we will be losing an hour of sleep, but it’s how it goes.  I am happy enough that starting Tuesday I can go to work now in the morning time.  That also means that it will get darker later than by 6pm lol.  Oh my, spring is around the corner, now someone just have to tell winter to let it go.

It’s pretty rainy today and suppose to be tomorrow as well, so my mom decided to leave early, I saw her off this morning, and she is on her way back to Angelo.  Well enough, because I have to go in from 3 to 11 today and tomorrow, and 3 to 9 on Monday.  It’s all good, all good.  So last night watched Catching Fire, it was really good.  Now of course can’t wait to see the final movie Mocking Jay.  I do think I will watch it again before I head out to work, so here’s to a good weekend for all my reader’s.  Keep it safe, fun, and dry; if you happen to be where it is raining.

Today I am…  Springing Forward!