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52 Weeks (Picture This )

Week 20:  ( picture this )


Not the best picture I could have taken from my phone, the vehicle was in motion.  This is a photo of the sun setting; on my ride with my mom back to San Angelo, Texas.  Yes, I have come back for a little visit.  Having three days off from work, I will be heading back to Austin tomorrow.  I need more beautiful sunsets and sun rises in my life.  Enjoy.

Beyond 365

Day 301:

Today I am…  Waiting.  That is right, today I am waiting for a text or call that will let me know that my sister and dad have arrived here in Austin, TX.  Yes, today is the day they come for a visit on their way to other parts of Texas.  Yes, I am very excited, I haven’t seen these two faces for almost 20 years.  That is some long time coming, yes, got my camera all charged up for some photos.  I spent most of last night cleaning the living room, re-arranging stuff, then the better part of today, cleaning, freshening, and washing things, so now that is done, here I am down at the local library, typing this blog out for the day.

The weather is a bit hot, and a little humid, cloudy, but I can deal with it.  I have today and tomorrow off, so I am not sure how the blog outlook is for tomorrow, but it just may be a very shortened one, we shall see tomorrow.  For now I am going to enjoy my excitement.  Untill tomorrow.

Today I am…  Waiting!

Beyond 365

Day 225:

Today I am…  Off!  That is right my friends, I am off the next 3 days plus my always day off, so that makes 4 days off.  What shall I do???   Well my mom just came in today, so here we are eating pizza and about to dive into some movies, in fact she will be here until Sunday, so we have all this time to go around and do some things.  I do believe that the Capitol is on the agenda this time, I am sure my mom is gonna want to feed those crazy squirrels.

So today got trained on yet another client at work, that makes 8.  They are putting me on more data entry clients, oh the numbers, the numbers.  But it’s all good, it’s all good.  But then again, that is work for ya, enough about that, I am off work, and shall not discuss anymore until it is time to go back.  This weekend is made for fun, fun, fun, and fun I shall have, so stay tuned reader’s.

Today I am…  Off!

Beyond 365

Day 158:

Today I am…  Checking out new rides!  Today is the day my reader’s and friends, today is the 2014 Austin auto show, where all the new 2015 cars and vehicles will be showcased in lights.  I really have been looking forward to this for a while, and I told myself, hey if I am able to get to this again, then I shall.  And shall I will.  Photos will be posted as soon as they are edited and ready to be put up, but if you happen to check out my instagram, I will have photos posted there as well.  Sorta like a very quick and instant view, before I get my photos from my camera up.

Today is also the last full day and night that my mom will be here enjoying Austin with me.  She leaves out tomorrow morning, I have truly enjoyed, and enjoy the time spent with her.  So let me get my magnificent day started, here’s to new rides my friends and reader’s.  Enjoy your Saturday.

Today I am…  Checking out new rides!

Beyond 365

Day 155:

Today I am…  Still Watching the rain.  Now I know that today the weather plainly states that it will be sunny, perhaps that is later on today, because as of 3:50 am it is still raining out, I really do hope that it stops raining and the sun comes out to shine.  Today my mom comes into town, and it’s raining there in San Angelo, so hopefully before she leaves out on the trip here it will have stopped raining, there as well as here.  I can’t wait to see her.  Of course by the time she gets’ here I will still be at work, but so glad that I work the morning shift and will be out around 3pm, and home by 5.  Anyhow, there really isn’t much to say in this post, all that I have to get moving, 5 am will be here before I know it, and I need to be fully dressed and ready to take on the world at hand today, so here is to a wet, but wonderful Wednesday.

Today I am…  Still Watching the rain.

Beyond 365

Day 131:

Today I am…  Enjoying my time.  With my mom that is.  Today is her last full day of being here in Austin, tomorrow afternoon she heads back to San Angelo.  Her trip has been fun, we have shopped and ate and I am sure I have gained more pounds than I wished to, but, that just tells me that it is time to hit the trails and hit them hard.  This is spring and I am feeling good, so I do want to look as good as I feel.

Today I am…  Enjoying my time.

Beyond 365

Day 104:

Today I am…  Done.  Yes, done with the day, I have put the last of the laundry in the wash, and the dryer is going, I am now ready to sit down and watch some Netflix, they have some new movies on there.  I decided to watch both old and newer footloose movies, and can you say, remakes sucks.  The old is so much better, can you believe it’s been that long since that movie came out, man I’m feeling old lol.  Today has been a busy, busy, busy kind of day.  Got up and treated my mom and dad to IHOP.  Then they went and picked up their sofa with the reclining ends, got it packed onto the back of the truck, then we headed back to my apartment, to pick up the rest of their things, got that all packed into the truck, and they were off back to San Angelo.  It was a good time had this weekend.

So let the spring cleaning begin, I took off the cushion covers to the loveseat, and washed them, got a new broom and was having a go at it sweeping the living room, yes, must get a vacum, washed laundry, cleaned kitchen and bathroom, very much tempted to go take a very hot bath and soak.  I have it smelling really fresh and citrus here.  I love those clean smells.    Got the loveseat fixed and situated the way I wanted, next on the list is a bed, got it narrowed down to what I want, it will be a full sleigh bed, oh how I love sleigh beds.  Stay tuned.

Got a drawer for my bedroom, is really nice, I am going to put baskets underneath the bottom part, cleaned out my closet and put things into the drawers, things are really coming along now.  The weekend was really great, now back to work tomorrow.  Hope you had an awesome weekend.

Today I am…  Done.


P.s.  Here are pics of my loveseat, chair, and drawer.


chair and loveseat photo

loveseat and chair


Beyond 365

Day 102:

Today I am…  Enjoying the start of my weekend.  That is right my friends, and reader’s today I enjoy getting out of work early, the pleasure of seeing my mom and dad come to visit me, and enjoying this mighty fine spring day, and of course having Saturday and Sunday off.  Hope your weekend is just as sweet.

My mom and dad happened to have gotten me a love seat from a nice second-hand store, and are hauling it all the way down here, oh parents.  I will have an actual place to sit in the living room instead of sitting on an air mattres, oh double joy!  They also picked up a recliner as well, oh be still my heart and I welcome the comfort of something other than these hard metal folding chairs.  Once I get it fixed up, pictures will be put up.

Oh spring, spring, spring, you are welcomed.  So to all out there in the blogosphere, here’s to a great weekend.

Today I am…  Enjoying the start of my weekend.

Beyond 365

Day 101:

Today I am…  Encouraged.  I am encouraged to keep on keeping on, with this journey, adventure, life.  I am encouraged by the reader’s of my blog, by my dear friend, through family.  Today is day 101 and I am still going strong.  It has not been as easy as my mind thought it would be, but it has not been terrible either.  This gives me a platform to other things I want to do with the next 365, or whatever may pop up in my head as to where I want my blogging to go.  Stay tuned.  And thank you for all the encouragement, by reading my blog, and replying and following.

So much to do, so little time to do it in lol.  My parents are coming in tomorrow afternoon, of course I will be at work, but tonight after I get out of work, I have to stop by the HEB to pick up some groceries, that I just haven’t been able to get to properly this week, definitely don’t want them coming in to an empty refridgerator, even though it is not completely empty lol.

Work has its up’s and down’s, but mostly up’s because it is not retail, really nothing wrong with that , plenty of people work it, heck I have most of my working life, but I am enjoying this a bit more.  And I do believe that it is one of the factors in my feet being better also.  Now I can really do some walking, and with spring officially kicking off today, watch out!  Oh my welcome spring, welcome.  So on that, I need to get myself ready for the day.  Enjoy Spring my readers’ and friends.

Today I am…  Encouraged.

Beyond 365

Day 76:

Today I am…  Waving goodbye.  Yes, mom and dad are on their way back to San Angelo.  We had a good breakfast and nice chatter this morning before they packed up the furniture, put in the back of the truck and now are heading back west.  A visit much too short, but one that was nice.  Like I have said, I will see my mom next month sometime, probably in another week or so.  So let the feel good feelings work their magic.

these hours are going to take some getting used to.  3 to 11, oyvey!  Then I have to call a taxi, because the bus I ride doesn’t come at that time, not much against taxi’s but truthfully, I wish the taxi people would just know where I am, put the input into their little gps thingies and pick me up.  Then get me home.  Home without all the fuss of paying two arms and a leg.  Yes, at least I am covered for all the week that I have to take the taxi home.  I won’t even go into how much money is spent, it’s life, it’s my life and well I am living it.  Next!

Thank God for mom’s and dad’s who still help out lol.  the fun part is that when they do come down, I get to treat them to really fun things, and new eats.  Can’t wait to see mom again, we shall try a new food place; which one, I do not know, perhaps Torchy’s Taco’s.  Stay tuned.

Today I am…  Waving goodbye.