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The Weekend!

I am savoring my weekend, this has been a long work week for me, a long training work week.  The training is over, passed the test, now will be out on the floor for another two weeks, 4 hours on the phones, and 4 hours in the class for Quality, I really haven’t made it, made it, but I am moving towards it all.  That last test was a toughie, but in all 17 people made it through.  We started out with 22, and ended with 17.  I really do hope I like it better than that last job.  I know I feel a lot different, I still get the anxiety, but it is not anywhere like the last job.  To be continued…

Today the rents and I went down to Burnett TX, there is this little eatery there called Cafe 2300, the food is fantastic, and the wait staff and owners are delightful.  The place is up for sale, it has been since October, looks like the owners want to sell to be closer to family in Dallas TX.  Sad for us the patrons when it happens, but happy for the owners.  Just hope we have more time spent there before it happens.

It is almost the end of August, can you believe it, the months  are moving on.  Next stop September!

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.


Indeed!  As I welcome back my fixed computer.  I am so glad it was only the power supply that went out on it.  This week I am going to get some CD’s to back up things that are on here.  So glad it is back.  Now I can resume my DVD watching.  Even though, my mom had lent me her laptop for a couple of weeks.  Very grateful for that.  Gonna have to put me a laptop of my own on lay-away soon. 

Well today I saw mom and sis off, back down the road to Angelo.  It was a good time.  We ended up at Sam Moon, my sis has never been there; so we took her, and she loved it.  Oh yes, this month is almost at its’ end.  It has been good so far, I expect more awesome things to come my way.  Here’s to the end of a great weekend, praying the new week brings awesome things your way readers and friends.

My review of the start of 2015

So it has been a week and a half into this new year.  So far it has been alright, started of a bit shaky; with my computer going out, and getting a verbal warning at work for taking to long on my break, and the terrible cold,freezing,rainy weather.  The flu/cold, and ceder blowing around, I have to say it has not been so bad, could always be worse in my opinion. 

Today I am off, I did brave the drizzling weather; to go to the HEB up the street,that cat that comes around needed some kibble.  He sure knows how to work the system, and our heart around here.  I also needed to get a little bit of grub for the week.  Tonight it is baked seasoned chicken quarters and California blend veggies.  Got them on now.

The weather clears, by the time I finished shopping, so decided to walk back home; was nice, got my exercise in for the day.  Especially with eating out Friday and Saturday.  Friday I treated pat and I to burgers and fries at Frans Burgers.


Yummy.  Then yesterday she treated me to Chinese.



So today I am relaxing with my coffee.


Indeed the start has not been so bad at all.  Plus I’ve already cleaned around the apartment, washed clothing for the week , washed and conditioned my hair, and now listening to tunes on the radio.  Sweet indeed.  Hope your weekend has been an agreeable one. Here is to the new week.

Beyond 365

Day 318:

Today I am…  Sittin’ back.  As I watch my mom in my liitle kitchen cooking up some chicken fajitas.  I made the salad, and I also made us a strawberry,cherry crisp.  She came down for the night.  Will leave out tomorrow after noon.  But always glad to see her come. 

So we eat, and she borough a boat load of movies to watch.  Yup,  today is a good day.  So here’s to having a great weekend y’all.

Today I am…  Sittin’  back.

Beyond 365

Day 298:

Today I am…  Not a Happy Camper!  This morning while laying on the couch with my phone in hand I turned it to the light, and what do I see?  Yesh!  A Crack, I have a cracked screen, it is an arched crack, but a crack none the less!  It must have happened yesterday at the festival, I dropped it, and I guess it was one drop to many, because now there is an arch crack in the screen.  Oh if it isn’t one thing, it’s your mother…  Well you get what I am saying here.  So now I am going to have to take sweet precaution with this phone until I can get a new one, and I am praying it will either be before the new year hits, or sometime early in the new year.  I have had nothing but problems with this phone since I moved down to Austin.  No, no, no, not happy at all!  But enough about my phone.

Yesterday was good, wish I had company to share all this with, but once again, it was a solo adventure.  Yes, had a good time, got some nice shots of the bands, Here are just a few that I captured.


A pirates life

Luling color


William H Taft

just a hat

San Marcos

The day was long, not a cloud in the sky, good weather, but boy was I tired when I left, didn’t get to stay to see the entire thing, but what I did see was amazing once again, these kids can sure put on a show.

Back to work tomorrow for me, my hours have drastically been cut, but at least I made enough this week, to pay what needs to be paid, the rest, well, I will not worry any about it, God has it all in hand.  So am excited to see sister and dad, that takes place Wed.

I am already thinking about Christmas, and decorating, this time around I am going to get that white tree, and I am going to decorate around the apartment, I saw some really cool flat led lights I am looking to get, once I obtain all this, I will let you know with photos.  Until then, it is only a thought that is forming in my mind.

Today I am…  Not a Happy Camper!

Beyond 365

Day 262:

Today I am…  Surprised!  Indeed, my mom and dad are down here, they got in yesterday a little before 4 pm, when I got out of work around 4:30, mom called, I couldn’t quite hear her due to the traffic on the bus, so I missed her saying that she was sitting on my couch, but when she repeated it again, I got all smiley faced.  Yes, I am always happy to see her and my dad.  This is basically their little escape place to come from their daily lives in San Angelo, and I am always glad to see them.  Of course I have to work the time they will be staying, but it’s all good, it is all good.  They will be leaving on Sunday, dad has a Dr’s appointment on Tuesday, then another one on Thursday.  They fitted him with a temporary contact lens.  So the eye is doing well.  I suppose the dr’s appointment will let him know when they will go in and fit him with his permanent lens.  Stay tuned.

So here I am up and at em’ this fine Friday morning, about to get my work day started, so here’s to having a great weekend my friends and reader’s make it a safe one, you know it is the start of the Labor Day Weekend.  Have fun what ever you do or do not do.

Today I am…  Surprised!

Beyond 365

Day 255:

Today I am…  Kicking it off!  Getting the weekend started.  Today is my actual Friday, for I have the weekend and the start of the work week off, meaning I have monday off as well, so a good old three days ahead of me.  My mom and dad will be coming down tomorrow, as well as my sister and nephew, and they will be riding with mom altogether.  Yeah, when it came down to it, they had no clue how to get here on their own, and my sister was talking about possibly getting a gps, well that is her mo, to talk and never get anything done, and sadly, that is how my nephew is following, grant it I love them dearly, but they are truly a piece of work.  But that is a whole story for another time.

I am happy to announce that I finally bagged that client that I was talking about earlier, so my total client count is up to 9.  Oh yeah, more to come, this one is a pretty difficult one, but I think I will get the hang of it.  So batfest is tomorrow, not really sure if I will make it or not, if I do I will get some photos.  So here’s to starting the weekend off right.  Have a great one, and keep it safe Y’all!

Today I am…  Kicking it off!