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52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 44: ( picture this )


Just a continued bout of rain we have been experiencing here in Austin.  Of course this time not as bad as last weekend, where I had to call out, this time I am heading down the rainy path to work.  I am actually glad this is the last day of the month, looking forward to a better month in November.  So all you out there in the rain, keep safe, and dry.


Just a walk in the park.

Usually, I do not get out on foggy, damp days like this, unless I have to be out in it.  Well, today was an off work day for me; but instead of staying put this morning, I was up and at em’.  Up at four, did dishes,washed clothing,and took hot bath.  Was out of the house by 8am this morning. 

This foggy,wet morning I felt like a walk in the park, so that is where I went.  I walked down to the park and took some photos of the last days of Spring, for winter is Sunday.  So my little stroll in the park yielded these photos.



The leaves that were on this tree a week or so ago, now, laying on the ground.



Naked tree.

It was a nice walk.  I have to start back getting it together.  I have seen a decline in my health, and I want to get back to being healthy.  To be continued!

So my very good friend has started herself a blog on WordPress.  I am so happy.  She will also be heading to Honduras on a Christian mission.  Send prayers out to my friend Olivia.  This woman I admire, a very good friend.

Now that I am back in the apartment, I am sitting here , watching Ghost Protocol.  Also watching my tree as it twinkles with lights, and the ornaments sparkle.  Life is good.

Wandering Wednesday

Well, went downtown, across the bridge, and just walked and photographed.  It was hard to do with one hand, had the other on my umbrella, it rained, it misted, it drizzled, it was a wet, moody kind of day.  Just a few of the things I photographed.



Snack bar

misty kind of day

Lucy in disguise

Hey Cupcake trailer

Home Slice Pizza

Austin Motel sign

I did not take lots of photos today, due to the weather, and after being in it for about an hour, just wanted to get back home.   But did eat at Home Slice Pizza, and got a Cupcake from Hey Cupcake…  Stay tuned for my next blog that will be about both.

Here comes the rain again…

And it came, and came, and came.  In fact it came down so hard, the minuet that I got off the bus, that my poor umbrella couldn’t withstand it all, I got a good soaking, of course it was a smaller umbrella that I had just bought.  But it is good that the rain came.  Indeed it was needed.  I took the bigger sturdier umbrella to the library, and will hope that the rain holds off until I can get back home inside all nice and dry.

Tomorrow is the Open House, I am a little nervous about attending, but as my mom has always said…  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I am definitely going to venture out and attend, because I really do want this gain.  Full time work is the goal for me, and easy access because it is just down the street.  I am going in head held up high, and a smile on my face, answers to the questions at hand, a firm handshake, and total interest in working for this company.  Stay tuned…

Just got to keep the faith, yeah, I know that was a Bon Jovi song, which happened to be pretty awesome.  So here’s to me keeping the faith.  Until the next time, keep your heads up, a smile on your faces, and good spirits and blessings around.