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Nailed it!

That would be the interview I had scheduled for today, yes, I nailed that bitch down.  They made me an offer right on the spot.  Now by no means does it mean I am all the way in, I am in by way of getting the offer, and starting the intense 7 week training leading up to the actual job, if you know what I mean.  I start the training on the 8th of next month.  It is Monday thru Friday, from 8 to 5, for seven weeks, 4 weeks training, 2 weeks of phone and being on the floor, taking calls, and putting in what you have learned, and 1 week of everything else, then if that is aced, then I will be on the floor and one of the agents there.  Oh Lord, thank you.  I am going to have to really buckle down, take notes like no ones business and get my mind prepared to do this.  New year, new endeavors.  That interview, might have been the hardest I had to do, but I prepared a little more than usual.  I am just thanking the Lord for more opportunities that keep on coming my way.  Stay tuned…

In light of great news for me, sad news for the world once again, Glen Frey died the other night.   So very tragic,  I wanted to see The Eagles when they performed here in Austin last year, but was not able to do that.  Here today, gone tomorrow at times, may he rest in peace.  This starting year, has really been a sad beginning in the world of music, and television.

Speaking of television, I just started watching this show on NetFlix last night, the first season of The Gates.  It is about a gate guarded community, and the new police chief that is in charge of policing it.  Behind the gates, hold lots, and lots of secrets. Vampires, witches, wearwolves, oh my!  So many secrets.  I am liking it, so tonight I just may finish up this first season.  Looking forward also to season 6 of Game of Thrones, as well, but that is not until April.  Hi ho friends, off to watch The gates, here’s to a great day, and awesome night, along with awesome winter weather here in Austin, sun shine, and smiles.

The Truth Is Still Out There…

Oh so excited about the X-Files returning, even though it is six or nine episodes, it should be really good, I saw some of the previews and yeah, I am really thinking that I am going to enjoy this.  I already have been having a ball watching Heroes reborn, so cant wait till next week for the X-Files.  I watch the show on netflix, up until Fox leaves the show, that is where I really stop watching it.  Hey, nothing is better than Fox and Dana, and when Fox left the show, it was no more interesting to me.  I did happen to watch the movies, they were alright, yeah, just alright.

But I am so, so, sooo!  Glad that The Black List is back on, missed it in the couple of months it was on hiatus.  Ugh, but now just all yays.

The weather is hot and cold here, one week, great weather, sun shine, and blue skies, the next, cold, dreary, and gray.  Yeah, sure winter, winter, winter is here, but I would rather have sun shine and warm, ah, to be continued on that one there.

On a brighter note, I have an interview on Tuesday, keeping all my spirits bright.  So enjoy your night friends, and remember, the truth will be revealed, no matter what.


Oh the itchy, watery, scratchy eyes, yes!  Ceder fever is in full swing, here in Austin!  Not only is it freezing cold today, but my eyes are burning with allergies.  No, I am not happy, I am taking some claritin-d tabs, I do think I might need something stronger.  I can’t stay in all day, got to get out, hit the road, and get moving about, so I am going to have to fight this with all I have.  Ugh!

On a sad note today, David Bowie had died.  A very weird and musical genius, who I will miss dearly, loved his music, and his crazy styles, he was always reinventing himself and his music, just a sad day.  May he rest in peace, and condolences to his family.

So friends, family, and loyal readers, I say…  Will you have 1.3 billion reasons to buy a power ball ticket?  I know I do, yes, I will purchase me a ticket, hey it only takes 6 numbers to win it, and you can’t win it, if your not in it.  Indeed, indeed.  Well time to get this day started, until the next time.  Enjoy your day.

Just Today…

Just today, I really did nothing much, I put in a couple of applications online, then went out into the cold blowing day with my mom, something about groceries.  Came home, well actually her apartment, and cooked with her, yum meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  Looking around I shot this photo of her cat, one day she may be might cat princess, she decided to get under the Christmas tree, she loves snoozing there from time to time.


Yeah, she is definitely going to wonder, where the new sleepy place went, when we finally take the tree down, this coming week.  She sure looks cute though.

Ugh, the sitting and waiting for calls can drive one to the brink, but patience  is a virtue, it will happen, it will happen.  At least There is the return of the shows I like watching, so that is a plus.  Welp friends, until the next time.

52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 52: ( picture this )


So  the 52 week project has come to an end.  This being the last photo.  What do you think, have these photos made you think or feel anything?  For me, well at the ending months, it became harder to find things I wanted to photograph or put in.  I made it through none -the-less.  This is something I am glad I did. What is next you may or may not ask, that I do not know, but whatever it may be…  stay tuned.

As for this photo, took it at the local wally world.  I have never had snails before, and they looked interesting.  For a photo, not to eat.  Ick! Would you ?

Ho, ho, ohhh you know… Let get on with it.

Merry Christmas family, friends, and online readers…  Much has gone on this week.  The biggest thing for me is I got laid off from my job, well not only me, but a whole lot of people got the axe.  A week ago.  I really did not hit me for a couple of days that I was jobless, but none the less, here I am, in the process of looking for new work.  I had my little pity party the day I got canned, now all that is done and over with, and it is now time to look, and search hard for a new job.  I have put in aplications, and I am so very thankful that my mom and dad live here, because they can help me out a little with things.  I am positive everyday that I will be getting a new job if not today, tomorrow, in the coming weeks.  Hey, new year,new job, new insight on life.  I am not worried, I know I will get something really soon.  That was really the biggest thing that happened to me over this week, and today it is Christmas day.  I am loving life, and enjoying it with every day The good Lord sees fit for me.

Today, mom and dad, and I went for a ride out to Waco, TX.  I do love long rides, since I don’t drive, I am a awesome rider.  The weather was cloudy, and there was a winter nip in the air, it was a pretty perfect Christmas for me.  Just about the way I like them to be.  Since I am not a cold weather person, I prefer to have a blue sky kind of winter Christmas day, hey, it is just the kind of person I am.  For me, the weather has been awesome.  Still like a spring /fall kind of week.

Soon the year will be ending, and a new year will be starting, I look forward to  another beginning.  Here’s to a very merry Christmas my friends, family, and readers.  Hope that your day is just as Merry.

Here comes the rain again…

Yes, yet another rainy day in the ATX.  I am dealing with all that is, but hoping for sunny weather real soon.  Spring is right around the corner, and I hope to see nothing more than sunshine, and beautiful weather, will get back to you on that.  As for today, it is gray, dreary, and wet, the wind is kicking up, and I am a bit blah!  Forecast calls for more of the wet stuff all week, and also freezing cold, ugh!  I just have to keep myself together in this time, I can, do it, I can do it, I…  Ugh,.  I have not really been able to do a whole lot, I walk when I can, but the weather is so icky, I just stay put when there is no way around it.  I need to get myself together and hit the fitness room at the apartments, there is no excuse, but I make plenty of them, just need to get at it, find the time that is right for me.

Have been playing around with my camera from time to time, need to do more, though.  Once I really get it moving, I will post some photos on here that I have taken.  Well I better get moving, down the road back to the apartments; before worse weather hit; here’s to warmer weather, and all that jazz.  Until the next time.

Beyond 365

Day 64:

Today I am…  Positively COLD!  Oh my, I am positively cold, I know it is going to warm up tomorrow and the rest of the week, but tomorrow is not here, I am cold today, tonight, I positively dislike the cold!  This morning before I headed out to work, I grabbed my mini little umbrella, it was cold, and it started to drizzle, or sleet, the wind was blowing, and it blew my little umbrella up, you know what I am talking about, the inside out look.  I was shivering, and my umbrella was failing me in the worst way possible.  I was so glad to see that bus.  I really hate riding the bus in this dreary cold time.  But tis life.  At least for me.

I got to work almost a popsicle, and during my lunch break, I went to target and got me a real umbrella, exactly the kind I had when I first moved here, it is big and it is rainbow-colored.  This time I will not be leaving it on the bus, it is going to be attached to my arm when  I have to take it along with me.  No, I’ve learned my lesson, twice.  And I must say, can you really have too many umbrellas?

The good thing about today, was that I did manage to get 3 and a half extra hours, so it looks like I will bank this last check from party city, which is awesome, because there is going to be about a week between.  And I have the last of my bills to pay up before this month is over with, and need to keep a good portion back for next month’s rent as well.  I feel really excited about tomorrow, I start my training at the new job, stay tuned.

Well, time to grab another cup of hot coffee and relax before my night is done.  Keeping it warm my friends and reader’s here’s to you keeping it warm as well.

Today I am…  Positively COLD!

Beyond 365

Day 63:

Today I am…  Lounging around.  it is now 1 pm I am still in my pj’s and fuzzy socks.  Sandwich in one hand, typing this out with the other, nope it doesn’t look like I am even going to get into street clothing today, I plan on just staying inside on my day off and doing nothing more than lounging around, and watching Netflix.  I did have a plan today to get out and go down to the discount furniture store and check out what kinds of beds and other furniture they had about, as I opened the door today to look out into the world at hand; well I just decided that today would best serve me by staying indoors.  The temperature has dropped and it is cold and gray today, and for me, if I don’t have to be out in it for work or other important business dealings; well that is my que to stay put inside and relax.  And by all means, that is what I am going to do this day.  Plus I am not feeling a bit emotional.  Believe me I do have my ups and downs, I just don’t like to show them as much.  Just trying to keep out of my own mind with things, the past, and all the other things that keep rolling around in there.

I have been pretty amazed at myself lately though, when I first started this 365 thing, I thought ok, let’s finally give this a try, and I hope that I am able to write something for 365 days, well unlike my photo a day projects, where I did not finish them, this is chugging right along.  I think it is helpful to me that some days I have lots to say and some days not so much, as long as I get something down that I have done or will be doing or whatever it may be.  I have even been thinking about the next 365 challenge to myself, but know that I do not need to look past the day that I am in now.  To be continued on this.

Well reader’s it’s  time for me to get back down to some heavy-duty lounging, hope you all are staying warm if you live where this cold blast is, and keeping it fun this Monday.

Today I am…  Lounging around.










































Beyond 365

Day 60:

Today I am…  Up Early.  Indeed reader’s, this woman is up and at em’.  I have a pretty busy morning, so am getting a jump on things.  I have to be out of the apartment before 8, so I figured that I would get a head start on the dishes and tidying up around here.  Today is another freezing cold, day, don’t think it is expected to get above the 30’s right now it is well below in the 20’s and for me, as you all know, or have read, is just way to cold for me.  I will be bundling up once again, and trying not to stay out in this stuff for too long, just long enough to get what I need to get done, then back to my warm apartment, which might not be so warm when I get back.  I wish I could just leave the heat on, but that is a no-no, while I am out.  I don’t want anything wrong to happen, and I would like to come back to an apartment you know what I mean.

I definitely have to do some grocery shopping, the cupboards are pretty bare, gotta load up.  load up as much as I can carry in my little rolling cart lol.  Well I better be getting to it, here’s to keeping warm in such cold times, and keeping a smile on my face, as much as the weather lets me.  Until the next time my reader’s, enjoy your day.

Today I am…  Up Early.